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Greetings!  Our passion here at Not Your Mama's Kitchen is to always provide Quality Products along with excellent Customer Care. Preeminent bakers worldwide have switched from conventional pans to flexible, non-stick Flexipan.
Flexipan's pliancy (absent in metal pans) also means easy removal of chilled foods like aspic and mousse. A product of silicone fused to fiberglass, Flexipan couples easy release with a record lifespan, enduring as many as three thousand uses without a hint of sticking.

You will experience the enjoyment of the art of cooking while achieving the desired result--a delicious meal on any cooktop surface. Saving time and money, Flexipan offers easy removal of any food (sweet or savory) without pre-greasing. Even desserts you freeze in sub-zero cold do not need force to dislodge from Flexipan: Place this versatile mold on your table face down, and peel the pliable Flexipan off the ice cream or other frozen food.
The striking look and appeal of Classic Clad Cookware will complement any kitchen decor from country to modern style.

Cake, which often breaks while extracting from rigid pans, will release intact and whole from Flexipan.
Whether searing a steak over high heat to seal in juices or slow braising a veal chop on a low flame, Classic Clad by Henckels puts you in control.

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