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This is the moment baby Jack Charlton came face to face with the footballing legend of the same name – in Asda Ashington!
Baby Jack and his parents Kirsty Gray and Lewis Charlton made an 80-mile round-trip from their home in Durham so they could meet the World Cup star.
Local farming family the Heals have formed a partnership with family egg production business L J Fairburn & Son Limited to produce, pack and supply the eggs to our stores across the county. The Heal family, based near Shawbury, have been producing eggs in the county since 1952 when Roger and Vera Heal purchased a three-acre site and filled it with wooden chicken coops housing 400 birds. We’ve launched lots of fun new cakes that have been going down a treat with our customers on social media.
From Pablo the Pug to gravity-defying cakes and from our surprise-in-the-middle Pinata cake to the grown-up Pina Colada mocktail cake, our range is as varied as it’s delicious! If you know a dog lover with a celebration coming up our Pablo the Pug cake is the perfect choice. The news comes as the Chancellor confirmed a continued freeze on fuel duty in today’s Budget.
Dropping the price of diesel brings it down to the same national price cap as unleaded at 114.7p per litre, the first time both fuels have been the same price since 2010. There are up to 72 cats at any one time at the RSPCA’s cattery in York waiting to be rehomed – like 16-year-old Tigger in this photo. Andy Watson, the manager at our Monks Cross store in York, spotted the appeal on Twitter and got in touch to say he could help – and then organised a surprise delivery! Here's a selection of some of the posts, tweets and photos Asda customers have been sharing on social media. All prices and product information in blog articles were correct at the time and date of publication and are subject to change.
Supermarket group Asda is to double the size of its home shopping service this year as it competes with rival Tesco.
Wal-Mart owned Asda is the UK's number two grocer behind Tesco, and last week opened its third Living store, selling non-food items. Last week the firm started an online entertainment operation, selling compact discs and DVDs via the internet. From left Me, Keith (GSM), Hannah Fisher (George Colleagues), Angela Atkins (Training Section Leader) and un-photoed Michelle Simons (GM Section leader) all got an award for a great customer comment. Me, Helen and Kat – just three of the amazing volunteers at the Muscliff Park Music festival. Me and two of the girls from NHS Dorset CCG, had an absolute brilliant day in once again in sunny Bournemouth. I big thank you to all the colleagues on Sunday morning how dropped what they were doing to help with this and although it only ended up being a 3 second clip and 4 second picture at the end, it made a big difference and it was great you all showed your support to LGBT Network and Community Life in our store.
On the move once again, this time a little trip over to Poole to meet up with my usual chofer Janine (Poole Store CLC) to help out with the Sandbanks Volleyball competition. Me and Janine (Poole Store CLC) went to Sandbanks Volleyball competition and I am please to say its now my favorite sport.
My favorite photo from the day, on top Ruben and his mum's brought us all come close to tears.

Our Home shopping colleagues often deliver to holiday destinations – but turning up to a scout camp in the middle of a field was a first for driver Tony Seager!
Scout leader Clare Ibbitson shared the photo of the delivery on Twitter and said they were delighted with the service they received.
Asda and SquareTrade, the top-rated warranty provider, today announce a partnership to offer warranties for electrical goods that not only offer Asda customers market leading prices but also ensures comprehensive protection and excellent customer service. Research by SquareTrade found that only 17% of people believe that warranty companies offer good customer service and 70% are frustrated by the claims process[1]. Kirsty Ward, head of Asda Money said: “Clear, honest pricing is a priority for us and we want to make certain that if our customers are buying expensive electrical items that they’re not paying through the roof for the warranty and that if anything happens they are fully covered. With every Christmas comes the annual Good Housekeeping Institute search for the best value festive food.
BFP Midstream Ovulation Tests accurately and easily test for LH surge to help you predict ovulation.
Because conception can only take place within 6 to 24 hours after ovulation, pinpointing this window is critical when trying to conceive.
BFP Midstream Ovulation Test Directions: Remove the cap and urinate directly onto the absorbent tip for several seconds. For bulk purchases for your clinic or health organization, please visit our Institutional Orders page. Fairhaven Health has been the leading developer of effective and safe fertility and pregnancy products since 2001. I ordered a supply of these when I noted that the description stated that they are packed fresh and should arrive with an expiration date 2 years out because I wasn't sure when I would start using them. This is the 3rd batch of ovulation tests I have ordered, and for the price they are a good product. I don't know if I'm pregnant or not yet, but thanks to this test I found out that I ovulate sooner than what everything else was telling me. I thought the tests would be confusing to read because it states that you will always get 2 lines. I was pretty positive I was ovulating late just based on months of not getting pregnant and my symptoms later in the month (around the 22nd as my period always come on the 1st of the month.
I purchased some midstream in July, and started doing the tests in August 2012 (after going off the pill). The test was so easy to use and gave really quick results which were very clear and easy to read. Description Buy your contact lenses online from ASDA and save up to 50% on the high street price!
We have over 80 stores nationwide providing the best eye care available including eye tests, glasses and contact lenses.
You can also buy contact lenses or glasses online at our everyday low prices for delivery to your home or work address. They are all trained First Aiders and last week attended a call to a customer in store who had starting fitting in our kiosk. Sitting in the sun, on a beach with sand between my toes watching men singles couldn't be a better day but no fun for us unfortunately, delivering 1,000 bottles of water to keep all the player hydrated on another beautiful summer day in Bournemouth.

On the bottom Sharon and beckie just reminding me why I organised the event in the first place. They ordered BBQ meat, rolls and other camp essentials for 86 to be delivered on Friday to their mess tent door! They gave us a number to ring them before we left and then they met us at the top of the field.
With this in mind, Asda and SquareTrade’s enhanced warranty protection will not only cover customers against drops, spills and other forms of accidental damage, but also includes a five-day service guarantee for items sent in for repair, a full purchase price refund if the items can’t be repaired and if the item isn’t returned to the customer within five days then the warranty is free. I'm been tracking my basal temperature and have ovulated, so I'm not quite sure why I didn't see an LH surge. Took it with us on our anniversary trip 11-12 of January and used it several other times this month.
Last month was our first try to actually inseminate and I just tested positive on my home pregnancy test. Websites,calendars,calculators, and even the chart that came with these tests all said I should ovulate around day 15-17. Nice, I know!) but was quite surprised that after using these tests for 5 days I got a positive result on the 15th of the month. The customer came back and spoke to one of our Trading Managers to say how professional we all were, how no one panicked, how we respected her by closing down the area and worked as quickly as possible to get her safe and to get paramedics to her.
They were taking part in a District camp with 400 beavers, cubs and scouts at West Woodlands show field just outside Frome. Being that this was my first time testing, I began to test a lot sooner than what the instructions said. I thought I'd be paranoid at how dark the test line would be, but once you get that dark line you know! The first two days I didn't have any line, then on day14 I had a very faint line, on day 15 i had thick dark line and I figured I must be ovulating soon. At the end I even got a shout out from the stage, little bit of free PR for Asda and then we have a loverly photo together, one of the nicest people I have met.
If you don't want to mess around with sample cups and test strips like I didn't, these are the way to go!
I got better and clearer results with the First Response Early Response midstream tests I took. Exactly 14 days after I first got that thick line I did a home pregnancy test and YES I was pregnant!
The day went really well, not only did I meat some loverly people in the NHS and great contact for future projects someone from Bournemouth Council asked me if I was over the age of 18, as if I wasn't happy enough. I took both on the same day (12 DPO and the FRER were a clear positive and the Internet cheapies were very faint.

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