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Masterfully designed for superior heat distribution, optimal performance and exceptional release, Anolon's cookware is formed of durable hard-anodized aluminum with a nonstick copper-infused base.
Disadvantages: You will have to use oil or butter to stop the food from sticking to the pan. Advantages: The non-stick surface makes the pan easy to clean and because you don’t need oil to prevent food sticking low fat cooking is easier. Examples of this type of cookware: Calphalon’s Contemporary range, Circulon’s Steel Elite range Greenpan’s Kyoto range, KitchenAid’s Gourmet Reserve range, Raco’s Contemporary Nonstick range, Scanpan’s Classic, IQ and Professional ranges, Swiss Diamond, Tefal’s Ingenio range. Advantages: The non-porous surface makes it resistant to food sticking to the pan and to peeling or chipping as the pan ages.
Disadvantages: It is recommended not to use metal utensils on the non-stick surface to preserve the appearance of the pans. Examples of this type of cookware: Anolon’s Advanced range, Calphalon’s One-Infused range, Circulon’s Infinite range, Cuisinart’s Chef’s Pro range, Tefal’s Jamie Oliver Professional Anodised range.
Advantages: Copper has twice the thermal conductivity of aluminium and ten times the conductivity of steel.
Examples of this type of cookware: Anolon’s Nouvelle Copper range (hard anodised), Esteele’s Australis range, Scanpan’s Fusion CS5 range, Tefal’s Jamie Oliver Professional Copper range.

Advantages: Cast iron has excellent heat distribution and retention properties because it absorbs heat steadily and spreads it evenly. Disadvantages: The cookware is usually quite heavy and can therefore be difficult to handle. A glass lid can be very handy to keep track of how the food in your saucepan is progressing without having to remove the lid.
If you have an induction stovetop in your home you will need to check that the cookware you are purchasing is suitable.
Sign up to our newsletter!Be among the first to receive special offers and sales from Wedding Gifts Direct! Stainless steel is a poor conductor of heat therefore higher quality pans will have the core or base made from copper or aluminium. The metal aluminium base of this cookware has undergone an electrochemical process changing its soft molecular structure to become twice as hard as stainless steel.
The metal will generally heat higher than other cookware so you may need to compensate for this in some recipes. Heat tempered glass is best as it will be more break resistant, however keep in mind that no glass lid is completely break proof.

The anodising process makes the cookware last longer than traditional non-stick cookware and makes the metal non-porous. The enamel means that the pan won’t need to be seasoned to remain usable but the pan still retains high heat conductivity. Great durability means you can scrub it with steel wool and use metal utensils without worrying that you will ruin the surface. Some cookware styles have silicone handles which reduce the heat in the handle even further. A quality and longer lasting non-stick coating will have a matte surface that is absolutely smooth to the touch and will be applied to the outside of the pan as well and the interior.

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