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Literally thousands of years of experience has helped to evolve the special utensils used in the preparation of Chinese, Southeast Asian, and Indian cookery.
In restaurants, western serving set is usually used but only for western or other normal foods.
Chopsticks, actually, are typical for wet rice agriculture and become a part in Vietnamese immaterial culture.
There are a variety of steamers on the market, but the most convenient and conventional option is a pair of pots - one having a perforated bottom and lid. Bamboo Steamer is a three piece set with two stacking bamboo steamer baskets and a lid for steaming different foods at each level.
An all-purpose cooking tool that distributes heat evenly, it is perfect for stir-frying, deep-frying and steaming. Now day, Wok has an improved non-stick interior and exterior for low-fat cooking and easy clean up.
A good quality Wok and associated utensils should last a lifetime in the average home environment. While it may not appear on the surface that there is a difference between using a food blender as opposed to a mortar and pestle there is a significant difference. I prefer a meat cleaver over American knives when slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing ingredients for Asian cuisine. A built-in thermostat maintains heat at a precise and uniform level , virtually eliminating burning or overcooking of the rice.
If you are serious about preparing this kind of cuisine either for its nutritional value or for the sheer fun of cooking it would seem a natural curiosity to know how it is authentically cooked and using what kind of utensils. They could be bamboo, wooden, silver or whatever as long as they are straight and have the same spanned length. The shape of the wok is rounded and a wok burner collar allows the wok to sit firmly over the flame of your burner.
However I personally recommend that you never, never buy a stainless steel wok and expect to achieve the same results as when using a carbon steel wok.
They are generally of the same length and have wooden handles to insulate them from the heat generated in the wok from eventually reaching your hands.
A food blender set to puree does not produce the same result as a mortar and pestle when crushing chili peppers.

An apothecary mortar and pestle is generally made from a ceramic and for home use they are quite adequate even though a bit smallish.
The cleaver is useful for smashing garlic, disjointing chickens and yet sharp enough for making the most delicate cut.
Though the products are of the highest quality and would be perfectly fine to ship out straight from the factories, we want to make sure the product is 100% perfect, so we re-tighten every screw and power them up to verify safety.
Bowls, spoons, chopsticks would be placed in a big bamboo basket or in a layer of a larder while the other layers may be used to keep food and spice.
It is my experience that using the proper utensils to prepare a specific dish yields the truest results.
In the old days, a broken pair omens an unhappy ending marriage while differences between husband and wife about their social standings, family background were compared with a pair of odd chopsticks or moldy ones put on a red lacquered serving tray. The Mohr Khang as it is called in Thai and Lao, has such great utility that no kitchen is without one.
The surface of stainless steel is so smooth that the oil used for cooking will not remain on the side surfaces long enough to properly seal the ingredients you are cooking.
The seasoning process is accomplished quite simply by first placing a cupful of vegetable into the wok and stirring it around so that it covers all exposed inside areas while your burner is at its highest setting. To clean your wok between uses simply use lukewarm water and a sponge or a soft bristled brush similar to the one show at the right.
Keep in mind that we prepare in one day what the average home cook would prepare in a year. If you purchase a steamer with its own cover you will not need to purchase a separate wok cover. The right handed Chef uses the Spatula in the right hand and the Ladle in the left hand to quickly toss and turn the ingredients in the wok. The object of the mortar and pestle is to extract the juices from the chili and to pulverize the fibrous cells of the pepper. Most any well stocked Southeast Asian grocery store have imported versions made from glazed baked clay or stone. My home cleaver is of the type found in most well stocked Chinese grocery stores that handle utensils as well as food ingredients. In the restaurant we use chopping boards made from a special compound which has a feel of rubber to it.

In the restaurant we use 32 inch and 42 inch woks and we always have one or two extras in reserve.
When the oil begins to smoke remove the wok from the burner and dump the oil into an old discarded coffee can.
Make sure that the steamer setup you do purchase is large enough so that when it is placed into the wok you will be able to add at least three inches of water without the water coming through the holes in the steamer. I keep my cleaver razor sharp by first honing it with a honing stone and running it against a butchers steel once or twice. Earthen cooking tripod is usually fixedly placed, usually near the window or the door (so that smoke can get out easily).
Once mastered, you will no doubt see the reasons why it is not possible to achieve good results using the wrong implements.
If you decide to make an investment in any piece of kitchen equipment, the wok is the single most versatile piece of equipment on which you cannot afford to skimp. It discolors the very first time it is used and as I'll discuss a bit later it does require special preparation for the first time use. When we want to give them a thorough work over we literally burn the wok and re-season them. Food particles can easily remain in the finest of cracks and have the potential of breeding food borne germs. Besides, a good mortar and pestle imported from Thailand, are relatively inexpensive items, costing about $10.00. A good size for home use (and for the Restaurant) is one that measures 7" from the tip of the blade to the end of the blade by 3.5" broadside. The cutting portion of the blade itself should be slightly curved so that when you rock the blade over the food it will make a clean cut. Serving tray is still placed on the table, chopsticks are much preferred than fork, and Kitchen's Gods altar is at the most formal position in the kitchen.

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