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Cooking on the induction top is as good or better than anything I've ever cooked on before. Cooking on the induction top, with a decent pan that is recognized by the induction burner, is as good or better than anything I've ever cooked on before. It is the most gratifying feeling in the world to see somebody enjoy something I've prepared. Coming from a place where I've used the fanciest equipment in the world and then being able to use an induction top at home, I find myself doing all kinds of things that I probably wouldn't imagine I could pull off at home. Woks are excellent for stir fry, mixed vegetables and fajitas Adcraft's 120V wok induction cooker is perfect for a catering facility, restaurant, or country club where repetitive cooking for a large number of people is important.
For use with Ferrous Stainless Steel, Iron or Cast Iron induction-ready cookware, these induction cooking saute hot plates feature rotary power control with nine power settings.

Everything that happens in this house usually comes from the kitchen or is related to the kitchen in some way. There's a deep appreciation for things that are made well, and hopefully that's shared with the people I love the most.
It definitely heats up faster than anything I've ever used before, and it heats evenly every single time.
This item is fast, energy efficient and much safer than the conventional open flame ranges being used. The beauty of the induction top is that the heat is so uniform - it allows your pots and pans to be the tools they really are designed to be. This item is constructed of stainless steel and has a cool to touch ceramic glass that wont get hot even when item is being used.

If it's a beautiful carrot, or if it's a bite of ice cream that my partner, Amara, has made, those things bring me great joy.
We're very detail-oriented and we sometimes need to figure out who's going to do what, so we're not stepping on each other's toes.

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