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We are commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer located in Chennai and our brand name is KOOKMATE. We are always proud in calling us as manufacturer and our work portrays as well as commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer. We have provided our products and services to various sectors, which were in need of commercial kitchen equipments. We are well known as commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer in Chennai and we have imprinted our brand in various sectors and with various Indian and foreign clients.
Since we have clients from various Industrial units, we are also known as the canteen equipment manufacturer.

Since the high - end canteen should consist of stainless steel, we developed a certain protocol to manufacture stainless steel equipments.
Since we have high-end manufacturing unit with good skilled labourers, our product will assure you good quality and durability.
Because of our quality, customer relation and services, we remain as the best canteen equipment manufacturer in Chennai.
One is a small scale factory, which is located in Maduravayil and the other one is a large scale factory for manufacturing high-end equipment, which is located in Avadi.
In order to manufacture it accurately, we have trained our labours in a precise and brilliant way and thus so no error can be obtained in our manufacturing, by this Kookmate is the best stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturer in Chennai.

Because of this characteristic Kookmate is the best hotel kitchen equipment manufacturer in Chennai.

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