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During my cookware search, I came across several questions about the All Clad d5 vs Copper Core cookware collections, and which is the best option. The patented All Clad stainless with d5 technology cookware (commonly referred to as All Clad d5) was introduced to the world at the end of 2009. In a number of ways the All Clad d5 cookware is similar to the All Clad Copper Core cookware. The most notable similarity is that All Clad d5 cookware contains 5-plys or layers of metal. The handles and other features of the All Clad d5 are similar to the Copper Core cookware, as well. Now, the one big difference between All Clad d5 and All Clad Copper Core cookware is the layer of metal at the very center of the 5 plys.
Having said that, in my opinion, the All Clad Copper Core cookware is the most elegant looking cookware on the market. In this second video, you’ll get a more in-depth cooking demonstration and discussion of the All Clad d5 features.

One of the most common concerns is whether anodized aluminum cookware is safe: aluminum is a heavy metal, and when used for storing food (like canned vegetables) or for cooking food, it can leach into the food.
When searching for a great hard anodized cookware set, you can't help but encounter Calphalon.
ConsumerSearch also chose the EarthPan Hard-Anodized Cookware as the Best Alternative Cookware. There’s no doubt that you could save a few hundred dollars by going with a set of All Clad d5 cookware over the Copper Core.
In the first video, some of the above points are mentioned, but what I really want you to check out is the pan with the 5 metal layers peeled back. View the top rated hard anodized cookware sets here, and rest assured that you are cooking safely for you, your friends, and your family.
While this may be true, I’m not totally convinced that the average home cook, like me, would notice a significant difference.
But when you spread that price difference over 20 years, 30 years or longer, it’s really not enough to reject the Copper Core if you have your heart set on it.

But several people in forums did mention that the All Clad Copper Core seems to heat up faster than their All Clad 3-ply stainless cookware. A third stainless steel layer is at the core of the d5, and it is sandwiched between two aluminum layers. Today, you will notice that aluminum cans, such as those used for soda, have a layer of plastic on the inside so the beverage or food does not come into contact with the aluminum.
The pans are oven-safe up to 600F and work on all cooking surfaces, excluding only induction cookers. Only a very small amount of the aluminum you come into contact with enters your bloodstream, and at these levels it is not harmful. Consumer Reports does testing on various cookware sets and rates them all - including hard anodized sets.

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