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We want to offer you the best and most secure shopping experience and apologize for the inconvinience. You can also call us Toll Free at 1-877-877-5655 to talk to a friendly member of our sales team. This 40 qt Aluminum Stock Pot (APT-40) by Update International offers a wide array of uses.
Food Service Warehouse began with an idea: to bring purchasing food service equipment online to make it accessible for a larger audience, and centralized warehouses for faster shipping.
Hand washing is always the best option to ensure that your aluminum stays in best working order.
A riveted handle is connected by small metal pieces (called rivets) that are crushed between the handle and the pan body to attach them together.
For a handle to be welded, the metal must first be melted and then adhered to the pan body. Perfect for any commercial kitchen, this versatile aluminum sauce pot can be used for preparing a variety of dishes.
This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

Many chefs consider a stock pot the handiest cookware item in the kitchen because it can perform any number of culinary endeavors. These stockpots are made from the highest quality aluminum, and they are the thickest offered to comsumers. Heavy duty stock pots from Carlisle are manufactured using computer controlled processes that create an edge and base with double the thickness for maximum strength and shape retention. Whether you are creating a delicious stock for your soup or making your famous clam chowder for a cook-off, your kitchen needs to have a large, well-built stock pot.
This stock pot will make you reconsider the quality of an aluminum stock pot; we have even found our customers using these stock pots extensively in homebrewing applications. This creates a strong bond that leaves little to no space in between, so bacteria and other food crumbs cana€™t collect and cause sanitation issues. From making stock, broth and stews to braising meat or steaming lobster or crab, Update International’s 32-qt. The 24 qt Aluminum Stock Pot (61224) has a satin finish, heavy-duty 3003 aluminum construction that gives it superior thermal conductivity for rapid heating and even heat distribution for quick, hassle-free cooking. From making stock, broth and stews to braising meat or steaming lobster or crab, Update International’s 80-qt.

Both are long lasting solutions for fry and sauce pan handles because they are durable and can withstand heat. The reinforced beadless rim makes for easy cleaning and provides excellent resistance to dents and dings. Constructed of heavy-gauge, reinforced aluminum and specifically designed for high-volume use, this NSF-listed stock pot will perform wonderfully even under the most grueling of kitchen conditions.
If you intend to use our pots for other than the intended purpose of cooking food, please be aware that the dimensions specified are approximate and in no way may be used as a reason to return the item.
This versatile pot is ideal for cooking pastas, sauces, stocks and soups and is built to provide long lasting performance.

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