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01.05.2015 admin
I’m looking for something like this set to get away from the current non-stick cookware I have (not safe at higher temps). Other “premium” pans I’ve used have warped, which leads to uneven heating and a wobbly unstable pan.
Another HUGE benefit of a well-seasoned professional pan is the ability to make pan-sauces.
Well… crummy cookware frustrates the budding culinary artist, foils his efforts and wastes food money. Although this price for a pan seems expensive, I reckon it saves money by NOT wasting food and not buying more cheap pans to replace other cheap pans that get ruined in a year. I am NOT a professional chef, and in a sense, that makes my opinion MORE important to some readers.

Because if an rank amateur like ME can get great pro-results with this pan, then other home cooks could too. The only caveat is, once you experience a professional-quality cooking-tool like this, it is impossible to go back. Combine that with the aluminum core surrounded by steel and you get even consistent heating. Although I have seasoned other pans, few of them remained seasoned, especially after searing steaks or scorching hot potato dishes.
This smooth-finished surface deglazes easily and reacts to temperature changes immediately. Now I CAN make professional pan sauces just like Alton Brown, Chef John, Bobby Flay and others.

There’s no economy in buying three tools that ruin projects because they never perform as they should. We are not paid to express favorable opinions or otherwise about any product, service or about Costco itself.

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