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For those who want lasting beauty and the look of luxury, ┬áthe All Clad Cop R Chef collection is the perfect product. Not to be confused with All Clad’s Copper Core,which is built with a copper inner layer, Cop-R-Chef has an outer skin of shiny copper, a thick aluminum core and a shiny stainless steel interior.
Now that you understand the difference between the two, let’s talk about this beautiful Cop R Chef line.

When it comes to heat conductivity, the All Clad Cop R Chef cookware has the best of both worlds. The stainless steel interior creates the ideal cooking surface that won’t react with foods and its polished surface makes it stick resistant.
While All Clad recommends using a copper cleaner, all you really need are a lemon and coarse salt.
This is a great set to display in your pot rack and people who buy it often allow the copper finish to age into the rosy patina of copper pots and pans of times past.

But given the stick resistant interior, a short soak will loosen any stuck food and washing it in soap and warm water with a terrycloth is really easy. Sprinkle the cut side of a lemon half with the salt, then rub it over the copper, which will soon gleam.

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