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The RSVP Endurance 16-Quart Stock Pot and Lid is simply an essential basic in any well-stocked kitchen.
The sleek, stylish pasta pentola from All-Clad includes a stainless steel, 7-quart stockpot with a colander insert.
The cool new All-Clad Stainless Steel Multi Pot combines a large 12 quart stock pot with an innovative pasta strainer and steamer basket made with strong steel mesh inserts.

This incredibly useful pot can be used for anything and everything from steaming and blanching vegetables, fish, or draining perfectly done pasta. Rather than shaking large, heavy pots over the sink to drain away excess water, these unique mesh inserts allow water to escape instantly as you lift them from the pot. The pasta insert is perfect for cooking spaghetti and other pastas, the steaming basket is handy for steaming fresh vegetables and tender fish and the pot itself is perfect for making large batches of soup and stews.

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