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I’m looking for something like this set to get away from the current non-stick cookware I have (not safe at higher temps). Our friendly customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm AEST. The roaster features two easy grip riveted loop handles for easy lifting, and includes a stainless steel rack.
Able to hold up to 9kg of meat or poultry, this All Clad pan is also dishwasher safe for mess-free clean up.About All-CladAll-Clad finds its roots in the American steel industry of the 1970s.

When the company's founder, John Ulam, invented and patented an advanced procedure to bond stainless steel and aluminium and applied this to a new line of cookware, All-Clad took off to become the country's leading brand. We are not paid to express favorable opinions or otherwise about any product, service or about Costco itself. Now, in addition to its famed and classic stainless steel collection, All-Clad manufactures a varied range of non-stick, copper, electric, hard-anodised and specialty cookware, along with kitchen utensils.
Solidly made to last, All-Clad has reached past American shores to become a global name in the industry.

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