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Promising the ease of nonstick cooking with added durability, All-Clad NS1 combines the rapid heat conduction and precise temperature control of hard-anodized aluminum with nonstick surfaces and induction-compatible bases. All-Clad Chef Ambassadors are chosen because they share the spirit of entrepreneurship, the quest for excellence and the commitment to community that has distinguished All-Clad within the culinary world. Shook and Dotolo, innovative chef-entrepreneurs, met in culinary school and upon moving to the west coast, quickly made a name for themselves in the Los Angeles restaurant scene.
In turn, All-Clad provides each of their Chef Ambassadors with product and promotional support to further their business and charitable endeavors. The Jet Stream 2 Oven is a six-in-one cooking system that allows consumers to roast, grill, bake, steam, broil and air fry.
Dualit’s Mini Oven is perfect for small spaces or as an additional, eye-level oven in a busy kitchen.
Hamilton Beach® pioneered travel-friendly, mess-free slow cooker design with the groundbreaking Stay or Go® line.
The Waring Convection Oven (CO1600WR) allows users to bake, convection bake, roast, broil, and rotisserie all in one 1700-watt unit. Fagor’s LUX Multi-Cooker is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and yogurt maker all in one. This story was originally published in the August 2015 issue of Kitchenware News, a publication of Oser Communications Group.
At a significant savings (over 50 percent), chefs are now able to refurbish their All-Clad pans, all while protecting the environment. This program is offered to chefs and restaurants exclusively, because the original quality and craftsmanship of All-Clad pans can be restored to have a second life in a commercial kitchen. One of the difficulties in installing a half round gutter is knowing the different parts and fittings that are available, and knowing the circumstances in which to use those fittings. By continuing to browse our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies in compliance with our Cookie policy. Designed to position securely over bowls and pots, the strainers are fitted with ergonomically shaped All-Clad handles for comfortable holding.
For top performance and ease of use, the NS1 collection combines the impressive heating ability and temperature control of anodized aluminum with rugged nonstick surfaces and induction-compatible bases.
The bonded three layer PFOA-free nonstick system delivers unparalleled release, scratch resistance and durability. An elite league of America’s finest culinary talent, All-Clad Chef Ambassadors mirror the brand’s dedication to the culinary community. These award-winning chefs play an integral role in All-Clad’s mission to inspire consumers to try new cooking techniques and expand their cooking repertoire.
They opened animal in 2008, which earned them prominent awards including Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs, three James Beard nominations, and named one of the Most Important Restaurants in America by Bon Appetit.

They can also come in handy during the holidays when large group meals need to be made in the most efficient manner. Zojirushi’s new Fish Roaster (EF-VPC40) is equipped with a platinum catalytic filter that eliminates up to 90 percent of smoke and odor components, making fish preparation a palatable experience.
MSC-400) from Cuisinart simplifies combination cooking, letting home cooks bypass the stovetop by browning ingredients right in the unit before switching to Slow Cook. Its patented cyclonic cooking action cooks great-tasting foods fast: up to three times faster than a conventional oven, up to two times faster than a convection oven and as fast as a microwave oven, but with superior food quality, taste and appearance. A generous internal capacity, double-glazed glass door, curved back to accommodate larger circular dishes, 3 minute heat-up time and versatile cooking functions, all make the Dualit Mini Oven an asset to any kitchen.
This large stainless steel oven accommodates a half-sheet pan and includes all of the accessories you’ll need for your countertop culinary creations.
Additional assist functions such as brown, saute, simmer, steam and keep warm make this unit a one pot cooking vessel. Through the ENCORE recrafting process, All-Clad’s Pennsylvania artisans restore pans to their original performance and beauty. The ENCORE program uses over 95 percent less energy to produce and can save thousands of pounds of metal from being discarded annually.
This initiative also allows us to reinforce our message about the quality of All-Clad products,” says Bill Groll, All-Clad VP Product Development and Technology. The steps to restore the pans include, removing the handles and rivets, sanitizing the pan with a high temperature heat treatment, brushing the exterior while the interior is polished to its original luster, cleaning, sanitizing and polishing the handles, restoring the pan is to its original shape, and securely reattaching the pan handles with new rivets. With pieces starting at $49.95 and sets starting at $499, this collection is attainable for both cooking novices and experts alike. The sturdy stainless-steel base prevents the cookware from warping, protects stovetops from scratching and ensures compatibility with all cooktop ranges, including induction. Since animal’s opening, the duo have expanded their offerings to other restaurants on the west coast including Son of a Gun, Petit Trois, Trois Mec and Jon & Vinny’s. From machines dedicated to a single specialty, like Zojirushi’s new Fish Roaster, to those that take on multi-tasking duties, there is a countertop cooker to solve every cooking conundrum. The Fish Roaster is a convenient countertop appliance that simplifies the task of roasting fish and other meats allowing for healthy and quick preparation of these high-protein staples.
Unlike a microwave oven, the new Jet Stream 2 Oven will produce fluffy baked goods, and brown, tender meats. The innovative Connectables Slow Cooker (model 33540) unclutters the potluck table by allowing up to seven slow cookers to connect together side by side and use a single power outlet.
Two wire racks, a stainless steel baking pan, rotisserie skewers, rotisserie spit, and handgrip are all included.
The Pressure Cooking (high and low) functions reduce cooking time up to 70 percent compared to traditional cooking methods.

In addition, the fine mesh makes them handy for draining pasta or vegetables, straining stocks and sauces, sifting dry ingredients, dusting desserts with powdered sugar and more. Flared rims guarantee precise, drip-free pouring and its stainless steel handles are designed for durability and comfort. The Fish Roaster’s stainless steel roasting rack directs excess oils and fats away from food for healthy roasting. A 24-hour timer and automatic Keep Warm setting promise a fresh-cooked meal, warm and ready at dinnertime. Cooking is fast and tasty. There are nine presets for temperature ranging from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. With its defrost, grill, bake and convection cooking functions, the Dualit Mini Oven is the perfect all-arounder. The Connectables Slow Cooker has an extra built-in power outlet to power multiple appliances from one wall outlet.
The oven has a timer that can be set for up to 120 minutes and also features four different shelf positions.
The Slow Cook settings used to prepare classics have both high and low temperature settings. This Williams-Sonoma-exclusive collection is dishwasher safe and its easy-to-clean coating retains the pan’s beauty through everyday cooking.
The unit features a powerful halogen element and an efficient convection fan that combine for great cooking results.
The Lux comes equipped with time delay that allows the user to delay cooking up to six hours. Other product features include an adjustable timer up to 30 minutes, a flip open lid for easy operation and a food server for easy removal of foods. The handles fold down and the built-in lid rest lets you neatly arrange your table for clutter-free serving. This unit comes with a blue ceramic nonstick removable cooking pot that is dishwasher safe and includes a user’s manual, recipe booklet and a free digital recipe book with more than 75 recipes. Like other Stay or Go slow cookers, the Connectables Slow Cooker features a locking lid for easy, mess-free travel.

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