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All-Clad Stainless delivers the ideal combination of professional performance and dishwasher-safe cleaning. Magnetic stainless steel makes All-Clad Stainless the ideal cookware for induction cooktops, as well. The Stainless collection is All-Clad's best-selling cookware series, and is the cookware of preference for many of the world's professional chefs and discriminating home cooks.

Designed to provide outstanding results when fast frying and sauting, the deep, sloped sides of the Stir Fry Pan accommodate a variety of meats and vegetables without spilling food. The pieces long handle, which has a heat choke to keep it cool, adds control and comfort for lifting from stovetop to table or counter, and the additional loop handle conveniently assists.
Stainless Technical Details: The 3-ply bonded design of All-Clad Stainless incorporates an aluminum center core clad with stainless steel to produce highly-responsive conduction and even heat distribution.

The magnetic stainless steel exterior is essential to ensuring compatibility with all induction cooktops, while also being ideally-suited for use with traditional cooktop technologies.

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