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Heavy gauge All-Clad stainless steel 6-quart pasta pot & steamer insert is a well designed multi purpose pasta pot set with a 3 ply encapsulated base construction. 6 quart pasta pot is great for preparing first and second dishes such as pasta, soups, stews, rice, grains, legumes, meats, sauces and more.
When cooking macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli, noodles and other types of pasta use steamer insert as a colander. Tagged 3 ply stainless steel, 3 ply stainless steel cookware, 3 ply stainless steel cookware set, 3-ply cookware stainless steel, 6 quart pasta pot, 6-qt.
The cool new All-Clad Stainless Steel Multi Pot combines a large 12 quart stock pot with an innovative pasta strainer and steamer basket made with strong steel mesh inserts. Multi purpose steamer pasta set includes: 12 quart stock pot, steamer basket, pasta insert, and lid.
Large capacity stock pot & baskets allow you to prepare food for large family or party.

Tagged 12 qt all clad stock pot, all clad, all clad 12 qt stock pot, all clad 12 quart stock pot, all clad 59912, all clad cookware, all clad cookware set, all clad large stock pot, all clad pasta insert, all clad pasta pot, all clad pot, all clad pots, all clad stainless steel pasta pot, all clad stainless steel pot, all clad stainless steel set, all clad stainless steel steamer, all clad stainless steel stock pot, all clad steamer, all clad steamer pot, all clad steamer set, all clad stock pot, all clad stock pot 12 qt, all clad stock pot 12 quart, all-clad stainless steel 12 qt. It can be used as a steamer insert for steaming all kinds of small and large vegetables, poultry, seafood and fruits. Rather than shaking large, heavy pots over the sink to drain away excess water, these unique mesh inserts allow water to escape instantly as you lift them from the pot. The wide bottom of the pot allows for the sauteing of ingredients before the addition of liquids for delicious soups and stews.
Due to bad stainless steel heat conductivity, aluminum core is placed between stainless steel layers to provide even heat distribution and make base thicker and more durable. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! The pasta insert is perfect for cooking spaghetti and other pastas, the steaming basket is handy for steaming fresh vegetables and tender fish and the pot itself is perfect for making large batches of soup and stews.

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Stockpots are also well-suited for canning, blanching and preparing food in large quantities. Both chromium and nickel are stain, corrosion and rust resistant metals, but nickel makes ferrous content non magnetic. Also includes a tight-fitting lid, which can be used with or without to control evaporation.Improved handles are now larger and more comfortable than before.

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