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Accommodating small to mid size quantities, the All-Clad 1.5 Quart MC2 Sauce Pan is a popular collection piece.
A kitchen essential for preparing family favorites such as lasagna, hearty baked casseroles or small roasts. As part of the Master Chef 2 collection, it is a true star on the cooktop with its polished stainless steel interior that can handle any ingredient with ease. Enable my javascriptIf this notice is just appearing only sometimes, you likely need to disable compatability mode.
Lifting this 6 quart saute is no trouble with the loop helper handle, opposite the long handle.

Nonreactive properties can also accommodate tomato-based sauces while resisting staining or sticking.
Use the lid for transporting dishes to all your special events or for storing leftovers in the refrigerator.
Heat conduction is superb with a fully clad inner layering of aluminum that rises to the rim. The All-Clad stainless 6 quart saute with lid can be used for sauteing, braising, or poaching. An exterior matte aluminum alloy finish gives it an attractive, professional edge that also contributes to longevity while retaining beauty with heavy use.

A solidly fitting lid with riveted handle pairs with the support of a longer base handle adjusted at an angle to maneuver hot liquids safely. The Master Chef 2 Sauce Pan is a modernized update from All-Clad's renowned original lineup.

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