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The Stuff Page: Things that ended up tossed but that seem like they have another life ahead of them.
This is a pretty junky AMF Roadmaster bike but it is cleaning up nicely and will go to make some hipster happy in their newfound bike-trendiness.
We are not sure exactly which roads this thing is supposed to be the master of, but we definitely do not wish to travel them. A friend had this spiffy little Schwinn Suburban for years in his garage, it was his childhood bike or some such. This Lotus Viking mountain bike was partly stripped and not very happy at all when we found it. The quality on the Phillips was slightly below Raleigh but this is an astounding piece of technology. A random suitcase that will be handy for giving away to somebody who needs one at some point.
This random Baby Jogger only had one wheel when we found it, but luckily the spares department was able to supply a full set in nice condition. This middling crappy mountain bike had two flat tyres upon pickup but after insertion of compressed air into same it seems fine.
Yet another Dell GX270 Pentium 4 machine, this one is pretty dirty inside and is also missing memory and HD.
Having examined the rather large inventory of Pentium 4 machines at our disposal we decided to offload a batch of complete but non-booting machines in exchange for cash. We found three Dell Pentium 4 GX270 machines, all three were missing their memory and hard drives.
A bumper crop of computing machinary all in more or less the same state, missing HD but complete with RAM.
Also present were 2 1.4Ghz Dell Pentium 4 machines, obviously less fancy and such but still pretty functional machines. Last an not least were two Dell Pentium 3 laptops, presumably from the same source but they both still had their hard drives but were missing the power supplies.
A random Macally USB keyboard, these are always handy to have if only to give away to friends in need. This KitchenAid mixer was unfortunately missing the stainless steel bowl, we suspect that the scummy scrapmetal guys took that. This Ross started out a while ago as a silver 10 speed Gran Tour II and ended up being converted to a painfully hip flip-flop singlespeed. After some parts shuffling (cdrom was working but slow) we attempted a clean OS install but it failed with a big fat bluescreen.
The traffic cone is nothing to do with the bike, it is just allowing it to pose in the rough orientation it is intended to be used in. A pretty fancy Fuji Saratoga touring bike with triple chainring, spare spokes mounted on the frame, and lots of lugs. The previous owner seems to have kept it well serviced, the oil was clean, the plug is new and the joints had fresh grease on them.
Some cheesy pics present on the phone from the previous owners, nothing too exciting though.
This Nishiki Cresta was partly stripped by the time we got to it, which is a shame as it is a really nice classic bike. BMX bikes are really not bikes in the sense of being a useful conveyance and so we do not generally deal with them, but this Kawasaki seems quite new and complete, hence we may be able to hook it up with a new owner at some stage. Some of the pics seem like they could appear here, except that the parties involved are only respectively douchie or hot to a moderate degree, nothing worthy of widespread publication on the interwebs.
Somebody took some nice cleaned up up cast iron pans from us a while ago and they got all excited and made pizza with them. Seems like pizza might be a great way of building up the cure on pans that have a young cure on them. HTML purchase receipts for such diverse items as vaseline and Victoria's Secret stuff saved to home dir. Update: The new bar tape is on and the thing is ready for the list of craig, pic updated also. Due to coffee pot issues in certain circles we frequent, we resolved to collect a stash of spare coffee pots.
A random bike minus the wheels and seat, we picked it up for the rear derailleur to fix the slightly stricken Fuji. In the cdrom was a CD full of 500M of powerpoint stuff, all very important sounding business deals and such. Also found a small case Dell Pentium 4, partially stripped but useful for parts and the G-wireless PCI card that was in it. Update: Pan snapped up by some friends along with a suitable lid that turned up a couple of weeks ago and did not merit a mention here on its own. Incidentally if you are in the market for a pushchair this is a pretty nice machine if you have the space for it. This random little side table cabinet thing seems ideal to store the ongoing booklist by the bed and hold anomalous drinks and lights and things.
A Instep single jogging stroller in OK shape, previous owners had some strange zip-tie bodge instead of using the supplied seat adjustment.
A Ikea kids' bed that can be deployed in a variety of height configurations, again check out the specs here. The cleanup procedure consisted of some strategic application of metal polish for the rust flecks and a squirt with the hosepipe.
Very few cached browser files, some in Firefox cache, evidence of a cache cleaner run on MSIE. Lots of CAD drawings and even cartoons depicting CAD related humour (who knew there was such a thing!). Several huge mailboxes that when attachment extraction is run yield lots of pics related to business.
A Kettler pedal powered car thingy to amuse offspring by making them power their own locomotion. The change visible on the table behind and to the right of the growler was in the little Cannondale pouch. A random Cosco car seat, nothing particularly special, but we seem to be encountering sufficient people who need one such as this so we squirreled it away for stock. A single speed Sears bike, not the highest quality and a little beat up but this will clean up fine.
Also, this bike was acquired a while ago and was spruced up today for a chance encounter sale.
The bike shop that was closing has tossed out more stuff, this time a load of tools and more spares. Some large number of BMX chains, we suspect these may be donated to an artist type or some such.
A metric buttload of bike cables, handy as our current mode of fixing a broken cable is to pull one off a bike that is past fixing in other ways. Some handy dandy bike parts selected for their possible usefulness on imminent projects, davek.
The special romantic photographic effects are just what an iPhone does in this particular light. A Trail-a-bike device for pretending that your offspring are contributing to the general familial propulsion effort. Update: Bought by a very pleasant and with-it couple who had even already got the missing attachment device.
This was picked up a few weeks ago but for some reason got neglected in issues of documentation. Update: Sold on the list of craig within a day or so, a nice lady wanted it for her offsprings' art. Update: The two singles sold within a few days, the double will have to wait for the next crest of the IVF twins wave, so next month maybe.
Next a Pentium 4 Dell, very similar but better motherboard ( more ram slots and better graphics setup).
It had a genuine reason for discard, something along the lines of "we reversed over it with the SUV". Either of those factors may have been the reason for discard but both were remedied in about five minutes leaving a pretty functional bike ready for the next owner. It has lasted 50 years with very low maintainance and after some lube and air and such it is now a great pleasure to ride.

We are betting there is nothing really wrong with it and that a quick "canadian rebuild" will put it in order. The rear ones are larger than intended but that will be heralded as a feature for rolling smoothly over extreme jogging territory, or some such. It is missing all the accessories but usaable as is, hence will be sent to seek its fortune on the list of craig. A sticky strip has come unstuck at the bottom but that will be glued back on at some point. Some scavenger had just pulled wheels off it when we got to it but it seems in OK shape so we pulled a couple fo stock to rebuild it.
It is barely ridden though a few years old and pretty fine bike for pootling around town, it has mountain bike slicks on it.
It is a 2.4Ghz and seems like it should be fine after a spot of cleanup and a few parts from the pile. The two Dell machines you may recognise from the sketchy picture below but the Compaq and the Gateway probably did not make it onto this page when they were picked up.
This seems to indicate that somebody just closed down an office and was wise enough to secure their data before tossing out a whole bunch of perfectly good machines. Again tests fine but needs a quick clean out before it settles into what ever use we find for it. On the plus side it works fine and even looks very fine now that is cleaned up, the pic shows it still all covered in special previous owner dust. We have no need for this and none of our steam powerred friends are in needs of units so this will be sent to heat another home via the list of craig. Various parts were purchased in the process but the frame and some other stuff came from the original discarded Ross. It is probably better to try and sell them seperately rather than together so we unscrewed it.
This is also missing the little coupling hitch on the front but after a clean and some new (old) handlebar grips it is ready for the list of craig. We picked these up for somebody who needs a new phone thinking we would get one of them working and indeed that proved to be the case. We have the wheels for it and it came with bars etc, just lots of little parts were missing.
While the bike seemed eminently fixable the previous owner had got sand in all the bearings and bent the rear wheel. We left several cheaper (but technically usable) items behind and cherry-picked the good stuff. The lid fits a nice cast iron pan that previously featured here so we may deploy it in that role. Turned out pretty well, according to the reports, and here is the pic they sent of the results.
Who knows what it was doing in the scrap metal but it is a nice piece of machinery for generally playing with etc.
Pity, the power supply is worth more than the cube, testing will commence once we borrow a spare power supply. Lots of attention with the chromezall and some new bar tape and it is off to be sold to an eager hipster. Shortly thereafter a friend dropped his and hence was able to take advantage of said (small) stash. It lacks the horsepower to really run the XP installed on it but there was nothing physically wrong with it. All seems present and correct with the machine including the data from the previous owners, a mother and daughter. The picture here tends to emphasize the random things that get in the way of the flash but it is nice and will be sent to a new owner by way of the list of craig.
This is all present and correct and this model has a niche following in our area so we will introduce it to its niche via the list of craig. This is almost found to order as a possibly buyer for the Huffy wanted something a little different and this might be it. First up a Nishiki road bike in nice shape that has been converted from drop bars and had a cushy seat put on. It needed air in the tyres and one or two things being adjsuted, otherwise looks almost new.
It is not the highest quality but certainly is better the the items it replaces (came with the house). When we picked it up it had flat tyres and some flecks of rust on the chrome parts but no real reason for discard. First no idea why they picked up this partial Shakespeare, but at least it comes with a handy set of instructions.
The chain is off (easy fix) and one of the wheels may have some issues but we will see about that.
The rear wheel was off and the tyre and tube were missing, hence the reason for discard is probably foreign object penetration of said rubber devices.
At least that is what we think it is, it has a distinctly spade-like essence but has a flat blade with a crude edge on it. This is in near new perfect condition but is missing the hitch part that bolts to the bike. Here are some pics shown after initial sorting, first a large box full of inner tubes, some handlebars (davek) and bottle cages. Our correspondant was in need of such a device so checked out the prices in the hardware store.
This is convenient as a friend had just requested such, specifially the one we already have, and we had pledged ours. Some of it is only faintly interesting but there are some pretty handy things present also. Some of the random ones are not so exciting (assorted pedals and such) but we did get a pair of pretty fancy wheels, Mavic rims, that were basically new old stock, seemingly never used. We have the real Screwpull without the tower and we far prefer it to this, but somebody we know may like this for their basement bar or some other party location. The lid half is like a very shallow skillet and it fits neatly into the strangly shaped handle. This style sort of matches our house but as we are replete with radiators at present we shall be exposing this to other people in need of heating devices via the list of craig. It was a little rusty and blunt when we found it but that was soon fixed by applications of abrasive techniques of various types. One of the the blue towers was broken so we left that but a friend has taken the rest of it. This is the old vertical blade model (as opposed to the angled models) but it still works and looks pretty handy. It was then exposed to the cleaning and curing process and was made ready for transit to their home cooking environment. We have sold a few of these recently and this one is in near perfect condition so it should sell well also. This one is smaller than the previous one and will be used in the lab as a procrastination device or job candidate filter.
The previous owner had some real estate related documents on it and some pictures that seemed to be documenting an insurance claim, otherwise uninteresting. The reason for discard may have been the fatal error inducing install of some bracket on the seat mount, that is all cleaned away now and it is more or less ready for sale. These things have a habit of sticking unless you keep them slathered in oil so I bet the previous owner encountered that condition in the dim and distant past. Previous owner had put on a new front gear cable and wired it up wrong, probably the reason for discard. It seems like this came from the same previous owner as the others but the dirt profile inside is very different.
We have access to some memory with which to resurrect these, and random hard drives are easy to come by.
We investigated the yellow trimmed one and once all the anti-virus stuff was taken off it ran surprisingly well for a 500Mhz with XP on it.
After a quick wash this will be off to the list of craig, complete with the suitable rack under it.
The bucket loader had grabbed it by the front wheel and tossed it in the big can, ruining the front wheel.

The addition of a HD will make this a fine element in a certain distributed computing task. It is already on the list of craig but super special deep discount available to readers of this page if they should want it. Two shown working in the pic that will accept the relevent sim card, various chargers and USB thingies present.
It had a thick layer of ugly stained varnish on it and the drawers were all falling apart at the backs. First a couple of Calphalon items that both have a very good reaason for warranty return and hence may end up being returned. No worries, we were able to make a handy backup of the previous owners data and see what was there. If the crazy tool collectors of our acquaintance do not want this it will be sent to make its fortune on ebay, where apparently they are rather sought after. It is very tight and smooth to ride, needs bar tape then off to feed the rabid hipster market for drop bar bikes. Bikes of this ilk seem to be recently trendy and commanding absurd prices so it is worth a try.
We originally picked this up for the considerable scrap brass value but it seems like it might make an OK lamp to actually deploy somewhere, so we will put a new cable and fitting on it and find a shade for it. Nothing else on this machine but the porn and the powerpoint, not even regular surfing (that we could find).
We suppose that yes, it may actually be easier in some sense to toss a pan rather than clean it, but no, it is not the correct thing to do. Shown sitting on a table that should have appeared on this page at some stage in the past. The rear wheel looked like it has been driven over by a minivan, but we tossed on a new one from stock. Note that several of the books in shot and the lamp have previously appeared on this page, and if not then they should have. Otherwise rides fine, has a few dings in the paint and no apparent reason for discard, presumably the juvenile that rode it is slightly less juvenile now, they grew out of it.
It was also pretty dusty and likely had been passed over by those with a less appreciative eye prior to our arrival.
This new one has the cool cow pattern on it but is missing the dingle that goes on the top. It is pretty much new and if you are lazy enough to not get your driveway cleared before the evening then this is what you need. Fortunately that can be obtained from the manufacturer for the quite reasonable sum of 8.99.
These being too high he proceded to the local used items outlets with no satisfactory outcome.
The forks were facing backwards and the cluster was not actually screwed on, it all fell off when we removed the rear wheel. This is all very handy but not something we use so it is going on the list of craig forthwith. We will cast around for a home for this, ultimately the list of craig may get a peek into the action. Despite its great entertainment value we will be letting it entertain somebody else's offspring via the list of craig. Fortunately the damage was limited to the front wheel so we replaced that and voila, ready to ride (or fall off). The proceeds will be (partly) spent on a keg of beer from our friendly local brewer for a party of some form. The Sturmey Archer hub was dry and wedged in neutral but upon refilling with oil and some mechanism working it was fine.
The 60G super mini HD and the 1G RAM stick are pretty handy, everything is pretty much scrap thinkpad material. Coincidentally (or not) they are all case designs that annoy us, hence maybe better to have somebody else do the serious fiddling. The pics show them baring their guts with new drives and an OS installed but awaiting their longer term memory (borrowed sticks were used for the install process).
After the install we threw in a new piece of memory into the empty slot and failure again, oh no!
We rescued it, put on a new wheel (and tube) and will sell it on the list of craig forthwith. Lots of pics of suburban club culture, a bunch of mp3s reflecting the same taste and almost nothing else. A competing scavenger got the screen and those iMacs are too slow for us to bother with now.
There were some RTFs with birthday invites and house construction info etc but they were standard issue for this demographic of computer user.
It was also missing the front skewer as some guy had just taken it off rather than taking the whole bike. Huffys are generally crap but when cleaned up this now looks like a cross between a sensible round-town hybrid and a hipster city bike. A puff of air in the tyres and a quick squirt with the hose leaves it all happy and ready for a new home, possibly via the list of craig. Pic shows it cleaned up and cured, in fact it has already been used to cook parsnips and suchlike.
Not sure what this is destined for but at the very least it will make a nice skillet for somebody when cleaned up. Hopefully they will use it to split lots of firewood and have nice fires in the winter, around which we can congregate and set light to booze etc. The gear cable is a little shy of its proper connected state but that should fix up easily. The purple one had some brake issues and rusty poppers but cleaned up nicely enough for the list of craig, at a discouinted price iof course relative to the blue one. We have no idea what the reason for discard was on this, it is in excellent condition modulo some dust etc. Reason for discard appeared to have been a flat front tyre, the tube was missing and the tyre was off the rim. The centre drawer is not yet finished (in more ways than one) but will make it in there eventually.
We have no idea what to do with these at present as we pretty much never travel with anything this large.
When found it was missing a seat and the two quick release skewers for the wheels, but otherwise in fine shape. It will either go to meet an owner on the list of craig or be saved for summer intern transportation. The previous owners seem to have used it approximately once and tossed it, I guess they just do not get it. So, two shiny new wheels from stock, an adjustment of π radians to the steering, a tuneup for the brakes, new pedals (scavenged from a junk BMX) and it works fine. Some hipster is hunting for this bike with cash in hand, not literally as hipsters don't carry cash, but nevertheless they will come back four days later with that money.
We gave it to a friend who likes such things, but only after we deployed it for a party at a different friend's house (yes, you may infer that we have more than one friend!).
The pic shows it after some cleaning, front wheel, cable sheaths and some small details yet to do.
It had a weird junky seat with it but we tossed this Trek seat on for the pic and will throw on a spare Gary Fisher seat later. We like these bikes as they make great city beater bikes, not fancy enough to be stolen, robust enough to use and reliable enough to just ride without ever doing maintainance again after the first tuneup. It should also provide entertainment for us riding it around until it is sold, these bikes can be quite relaxing to ride for a while. The only thing it might need is a the little attractant smelly thing, it being a consumable.

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