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My grandma’s kitchen was, and still is, always full of people, laughter, and the aroma of delicious food. When I was dating my first long-term beau and just starting to get adventurous in the kitchen, I had a bright idea to make a big pot of duck and sausage gumbo for his parents, just like one we had when we vacationed with them in the Florida panhandle.
Our families are so spread out and we rarely get the chance to get together, so having everyone together around a big table and feeding them well would be a dream come true.

I can be a little type-A in the kitchen, but sometimes it’s fun to cook with a crowd. Lastnightsdinner's gnocchi; the lovely 8-Quart Stainless Steel Multipot she's won from Williams-Sonoma!
The stainless pasta colander insert is a convenient add-on to your All-Clad 7 quart stock pots.
This has made my week (at least!) - and I'm tickled that my dish is inspiring people to give sardines a chance!

2 riveted loop handles make it easy to prepare stock, and remove potatoes or pasta from boiling water. I put it into a huge stockpot to cook, made my roux and prepped everything else I would need to assemble the gumbo after the duck meat and stock were ready.

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