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The new All-Clad d5 brushed stainless steel cookware line has 5 layers of metal and it’s heavier than the original All-Clad Tri-Ply stainless steel cookware.
The benefits of the d5 is a slightly easier to use handle and rims that make pouring a bit less messy. The Tri-Ply stainless steel line, which is the benchmark for all stainless cookware, has been the standard for more than 20 years.
D5 cookware has a few improvements but the original Tri-Ply cookware from All-Clad is still extraordinary cookware.
I love all clad cookwares…even if they are a bit pricey, there are durable and you are actually buying something that can literally last a lifetime. D5 may be slightly more expensive, but the D5 four quart Soup Pot used on a table-top single induction burner, compared to a similar All Clad original pot, was so much more efficient that it was extremely difficult to get it low enough to barely simmer when making stock! I’ve been using stainless cookware pieces for quite sometime now, and have no regrets so far.
You’d have a fight on your hands if you tried to pry my D5 12 inch skillet away from me.

All-Clad has discontinued the Cop-R-Chef line, so we no longer have that windsor available.
I’m upgrading all of my pots to the Copper Core line one at a time (except the non-stick fry pans and griddle, Copper Core non-stick are not available). I know this line has been discontinued but come on people there has to be one or two out there somewhere!!! Even when you have decided to go for the name brand and gold standard, All-Clad cookware, there are still others things to consider. This high quality stainless steel does not interact with food, even acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus. While extra layers of metal in the d5 cookware make it less likely to warp, I cannot remember when an All-Clad cookware item was returned for warping. The extra metal in the D5 adds to its cost, and for me, this isn’t enough to make the higher price worth it. All-Clad Tri-Ply stainless steel cookware has an aluminum core which ensures that your pan heats evenly across its cooking surface.

Stainless steel is used on the handles of every All-Clad pot and pan because this metal keeps the handles somewhat cool, as stainless does not conduct heat well. I have also received several D5’s as gifts, but usually return them (for their equivalent model in tri-ply) due to this. It features a more ergonomic handle and flared brims, similar to what you find in the All-Clad Copper Core line. The extra layer of stainless steel in the d5 works to make it less likely to warp and more even heating but it does not seem to heat or cool as quickly as the original stainless steel.

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