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If you're looking for a meal that will take minutes to cook and prep, seared scallops are your dish. Kitchen Classics 188-547LIB 8-Inch Heavy Gauge Aluminum Non-Stick Saute Pan by Kitchen Classics. Alegacy Eagleware EWP257 The Point-Two-Five-Line Professional Heavy-Duty Aluminum Saute Pan, 7-Quart by Alegacy.

9? Inch Heavy-Gauge Nonstick Non-Stick Aluminum Saute Pan, Fry Pan, Embossed Rust-Proof Frying Pan, Dishwasher Safe by Royal Cook. The pan's deep, sloping sides make it ideal for mixing and tossing ingredients without spills and keeps meats and vegetables in the pan's center for easy incorporation of sauces and seasoning. The All-Clad Copper Core series features patented 5-ply bonded construction with a core of pure copper surrounded by two layers of aluminum to provide unparalleled heating control.The striking exterior of each piece presents a gleaming stainless steel surface with a dramatic cutaway to reveal a thin band of the inner copper.

Provide an excellent saute surface that will hold up admirably in the face of high-heat conditions.

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