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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. DescriptionThrough polishing and sandblasting treatment, the aluminum plate has non-glare appearance. Coastline Metal Finishing Provides Sulfuric Anodize with the following options.Type ll Clear (Class1) and Type ll Dyed (Class ll).
Sulfuric anodizing increases the material’s wear resistance, corrosion resistance, ability to retain lubricants and PTFE coatings, and electrical and thermal insulation.

For tank sizes for this process, click here. Request a quote on sulfuric anodizing for your application, or contact us with any questions. Standards for thin sulfuric anodizing are given by MIL-DTL-8625 Types II and IIB, class 1 (undyed) or class 2 (dyded), AMS 2471 (undyed), and AMS 2472 (dyed). There are a number of dye colors available, however, the colors produced tend to vary according to the base alloy. Though some may prefer lighter colors, in practice they may be difficult to produce on certain alloys such as high-silicon casting grades and 2000-series aluminium alloys.

MIL-DTL-8625 requires sealing for thin coatings (Types I and II) and allows it as an option for thicker coatings (Type III).

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