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Posted by: pam kueber • March 8, 2010 What are the key elements of 1940s interior design?
A number of readers asked if I could share more details about the content of my recent home show talks. Also, in terms of design, in this immediate postwar period, the a€?looka€? still tended to be similar to that of the late 1930s and wartime period. Sentimental: When the war ended, the nation was immensely grateful to have their men and women all back home.
Traditional: My mom, who grew up in the 40s, says the furniture was all dark wood where she lived in Pennsylvania a€“ the influence of Europe, she recalls. Streamline a€“ deco a€“ jazz age: Through to 1953, I think I see more high-contrast bathrooms. The construction of the cabinets was just about a step and a half above cardboard, and there was such an appalling lack of space utilization. So keeping the budget to 16K, I punched the stove wall out two feetA into the living room, added a garden window, and went with glass upper cabinets. I had them build a low cabinet to put the refrigerator on.A  I have a bad back, and bending over is a big problem for me.
I do have a question though…why was your refridgerator shr\orter that you had to pu it up a bit? I am moving in a couple weeks and have been researching like crazy and finding fantastic buys so that I can start remodeling the kitchen ASAP! After sharing our wonder as to this platform with some of our neighbors (one of them still lives in her parents house and she is over 80!) we were told that is where the icebox was placed. My favorite features are the glass-front cabinets, the yellow countertop and the little yellow chair stool–ubiquitous in the kitchens of our grandmothers.
And I used Marmoleum floor linoleum as the kitchen countertop surface — it works beautifully! Your tiny dark and inspiring kitchen of the 70’s is so beautifully transformed that no one would ever guess that it was built in the 70’s!
I have a 1940’s house with the cottage style kitchen that will be undergoing a remodel to make it more functional. During a bout of insomnia in the wee hours of the morning I found the retro renovation website and THEN found this. Original double oven and refrigerator from a 1970s home.  I snapped this photo while on a home tour.
Metal cabinets in this Las Cruces, New Mexico kitchen.  Year built unknown but metal cabinets were popular in the 1940s.
1964 condo with original kitchen appliances.  Saloon doors to the dining room add a nice touch.
House Beautiful magazine and website now has slideshows available of kitchens from around the US from each decade too.  The links per decade are found below. I love this kitchen, with its old cupboards but modern stainless steel appliances, courtesy of Casapinka.

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I enjoyed reading your recollections, I hope more members share their stories and memories.
I wasn't alive in the '40s, but if I was, I would have loved a cute kitchen like this one from 1941. I did not videotape them, because they are 30 minutes long or longer — and that does not make for good video. There had also been material shortages during the war, so manufacturers had put all their new-design work on hold. There was so much to be grateful for, that we did not necessarily need a€?more stuffa€? to be happier. In generally, I think I see richer colors a€“ full-on primary colors and jewel tones a€“ than in the later 1950s pastel period. Of course, we also had Heywood Wakefield blonde a€“ but we also had colonial maple from Heywood Wakefield, Cushman, Willett and scores if not hundreds of small regional manufacturers.
That is: black bullnose (or dark green or maroon bullnose, depending on the field tile color).
Meanwhile,if the 1940s are your thing, take a look at the 1940s stories up in Browse STORIES so far.
A Among all the items in the kitchen, I have something from each of the women who have influenced my life.
Having the fridge up on this pedestal makes it so much easier, and the lower cabinet drawer is perfect for baking pans and such. In your situation, if I thought I could pull off what you just did, I would not hesitate to shave down the living room for one tiny little second either! I have an issue with writing, I leave words out, and, and in this case, sometimes, the beginnings of words. I just loved the colors you chose and I liked that you took a picture of your color inspirations.
I am sure your relatives would be thrilled to see their treasures in such a beautiful new home. In the early 40s I would watch whole trains full of tanks, jeeps, trucks, airplanes, small boats, all heading West towards the coast. There was only 1 channel at the time.  Our neighbors got a color tv in 1954 and they let us watch it from the front porch! So over the next while, I instead will break the talks down into digestible, illustrated chunks.
And Ia€™ve even seen references indicating that the government was concerned that if we didna€™t deal with the housing (and jobs) situation quickly enough, Americaa€™s young men would become restless and political a€“ in a bad way.
A good example: After the war, when Heywood Wakefield retooled its factories to again produce furniture, its Riviera line was really just the same, but with new handles, as the Rio line produced earlier. Ia€™ll attribute this to carryover 1930s preferences and to the influence of Hollywood, but there may have been other factors — there often are, often related to technological innovation.

The more I explore the history of interior design a€“ of all eras a€“ the more convinced I become that: We are a traditional nation. Remember womena€™s clothes from the 1940s a€“ their hats and tailored suits and gloves and bags and hose, the whole very put-together thing?
Post-1953, the bullnose is less likely to be black and more likely to be the same color or a similarly toned contrast color, e.g. I have a couple of unfortunate 70’s remodels to undo and am happy to find some guidance out there.
The result of her hard work is a functional and sunny 1940s-style kitchen that makes Maile want to bake the day away. I must tell my husband at least once a day how much I love my kitchen now!A  The only drawback it that it makes me want to bake and cook ALL THE TIME! I love the combination of the yellow countertops, aqua flooring and vintage jadeite accents. To my mind, based on the advertising illustrations and magazine articles that Ia€™ve seen from the period, typical designs from the immediate postwar 1940s a€“ say, starting with 1946 a€“ through to about 1953, had this variety of characteristics: innocent, sentimental, sunny, sanitary, patriotic, traditional, Hollywood glamour, and carryover streamline-deco-jazz age from the prewar period. During my talks, I pretty much always strive to put mid-century design into historical context as I display vintage illustrations. Thata€™s the look I think of for 1940s bedrooms and living rooms a€“ formal, very put together. When they remodeled, I had them do the gas piping.A Looking forward to cooking withA fire again! In other rooms, we also may see large prints used on wallpaper and barkcloth pinch pleats, often tropical.
There were material shortages given all this construction… as evidenced in the 1946 Aladdin Homes customer letter, above. Pam and I both also have items from our mothers and grandmothers and aunts in our kitchen — what a great way to stay in personal touch with those memories, every day. So many people receive them as gifts or as inheritances and set them on a shelf, afraid of making a chip or crack.
I also swear Ia€™ve read somewhere that there were prohibitions on building more than one indoor bathroom at some point… I need to find the source. But the joy come in the memories that happens each time you measure coffee in Grandmas coffee scoop, or serve cookies from someone specials platter! Of course we try to be extra careful with those items, But, if it gets a chip, its just adding to its history.
And if it breaks beyond repair, I just believe my loved one would be happy to know that I loved her pieces enough to use them!

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