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I posted a thread a while back about wingback chairs and I learned a lot about what not to do, and what works in a new world for me and my business. The designer had a pair of club chairs in his living room and being a designer, he has some ideas about what he wants me to build for his furniture line and I am a complete novice (I do cabinets, finish carpentry, but am just getting into the furniture thing). Place one corner of your couch against a wall and then give the opposite corner a good push with your knee and hear the glue joints pop. We use hand tied coil springs on all of our sofas and most chairs unless they are thin rail. If you have a question regarding a Knowledge Base article, your best chance at uncovering an answer is to search the entire Knowledge Base for related articles or to post your question at the appropriate WOODWEB Forum. Glue will not hold end grain, screws are not substitutes for sound joinery, and those who do top flight work would indeed use mortise and tenon joinery throughout and charge accordingly.
The designer wants me to make a few chairs, and a sofa and couch, plus a couple of end tables and coffee table. She said she does a lot of chairs and couches, and that it was one of the best built pieces she had ever upholstered.

The more information you provide with your question, the better your chances are of receiving responses. I was at a loss, so I told him I would have to tear the new upholstery off of one of the chairs to see how it was built. Here's a photo of a wing chair frame built by the Headley shop; full mortise and tenon construction with a few screws where appropriate. I would feel free to let any person sit on my couch when finished and be confident in its construction.
I recently made my first chair from scratch, with no plans, and no idea what it may look like in the end. I ended up using alder as my choice of wood for the chairs and after doing this as my first project in furniture I learned a lot. Pocket screws and glue hold up well in a static situation such as a cabinet face frame, but are not good for furniture where there is movement and stress placed on every joint.
This couch is a prototype and I am sure on my next model (now that I have the dimensions and drawings I made) I can use tenons where necessary and change up any small problems that arise.

I altered the back on one and left the wings off, and I rounded the corners slightly as an experiment and it looked great (these are at the request of a designer I build for, he foots the bill while I experiment). Even now, unfinished, I can lift it by one corner and the flex is so minimal it is less than the chair was, which is only 30" wide. Anyway, I hope for the best and next time I can add more locking joints since I have handmade plans to go off. The critiques of your construction method posted here sound valid, but unnecessarily harsh, and I tend to agree with your conclusion.
I usually get praise for my work, and with the couch I get a little defensive because I know many comments are right, and I really am winging it for my first one.

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