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But I couldn't seem to find one that is so easy, just about anyone can build it, one so sturdy, you won't be hauling it in every time the wind blows, and one with updated modern styling. Something you can build in just a few hours, with the most basic of tools, and officially, summer can be in full swing by this weekend.
On this swing, you will want to hang from the side aprons of the seat frame - that's where the majority of your weight will be.

DISCLAIMER: Build, hang and use at your own risk - We are not liable for personal injury, loss or death from use of swing. A few years ago, I built a swing and found that the hanging chains needed to be secured to the top of the back so it wasn't so tippy if a child stood on it. But lately, all I want to do is sit on an old-fashioned porch, partially hidden in the shade of a wide roof, and watch the world go by. The only problem is that I'm not a traditionalist when it comes to furnishings.

Take a peek at these options, whether you opt for one large swing or a couple of single seaters swaying next to each other, they're all rather amazing to look at.

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