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Like any good hair stylist will tell you, you can apply a dark hair colour over a light colour, but not a light over a dark. I was feeling adventurous so I applied Dark Walnut Minwax stain over the already stained Pecan wood. I have a clear enamel coating on a bench that I sprayed on and wish now to try one of the darker spray on stains that are on the market. If there is an existing shiny clear enamel coating, I would suggest sanding prior to using a spray on stain Trisha. Even though a household-wide cold got our 2014 off to a rocky (well, sneezy) start this week.
So before staining anything Sherry wood puttied the holes, let them dry, sanded, and repeated. After sanding and wiping off all of the sanding dust, Sherry rubbed everything down with liquid deglosser (just to make sure it was clean and ready) and once that dried it was staining time.
But having already started we decided to see the first coat through and then adjust from there if needed.
And here’s the full room once everything was reattached, including the new hardware (the same $2 octagon knobs from Target that we used on those uppers) and the same ORB-ed original hinges (you can read more on how we did that here). To go from a dark shade to a lighter shade, you must strip and remove the dark shade first.

Staining over stain is easy and works beautifully if your applying a dark stain over a lighter stain on raw wood.
Last but not least, it’s not advisable to stain over polyurethane or any other protected finish such as wax, varnish or shellac. Last summer I tried touching-up scratches on a head & foot board by applying a matching cherry stain over the finish.
If you have dark wood where you would prefer a brighter, lighter environment, you don't have to grin and bear it merely because you've been told it is impossible to paint light over dark successfully. Use a primer that is compatible with the underlying stain formulation, and follow that with a topcoat paint that is compatible with the primer. The process took us about five days total, thanks to one day of prepping, one day of staining, one day of sanding and restaining, a full day of drying, and then a day of reassembly (hanging doors, adding new knobs, etc). We always like two coats of wood putty on big holes like this to account for any shrinking or dips (after the first one and the first round of sanding it’s rarely ready for the next step, so going into it expecting two coats is a nice check-yourself-before-you-wreck-yourself step).
It still wasn’t as dark as we wanted, but it showed enough promise that we ditched our plans to buy a darker color for the second coat. I bet you guys are itching to tackle the floors now and get rid of the faux brick :) Excited to see how the counters look with everything, too! I always try espresso stain and depending on the wood, sometimes wood grain shows and sometimes it doesn’t.

If you used a latex-based paint with a flat finish over the original stained surface, you should follow with a clear polyurethane or compatible water-based sealer, since flat latex paint does not wash easily. Then we removed all the doors and laid them out on cardboard in the garage so we could sand them, along with the frames and the drawers in the kitchen (our drawer fronts can’t be unscrewed, so they stayed in the kitchen propped up on the counters like the other ones we painted last week).
Although do as I show in the video (not in the pics below – oops) and brush in the direction of the wood grain. We really liked that there was still some visible wood grain (our Espresso vanity upstairs doesn’t really have much of that, but we wanted to see some in the kitchen). If the undercoat is shellac or other alcohol-based product or if the underlying stain is of unknown composition, use a specialty primer formulated to transition between incompatible undercoats and topcoats. Start by using a small foam or angled paintbrush to paint around the edges and any obstacles on the surface of your project – such as light fixtures and door or cabinet handles. Regardless of how many times I tried wiping it down, it felt tacky to the touch and rubbed off on my hands and clothes every time I was near it.

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