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A hot tub may be organized as a part of a pond or a pool, it may be made natural-looking with the help of big stones or plants. There are many various styles from rustic to ancient Greek; wood, concrete, metal and stones are the best materials. Then it suddenly dawned on me in the wee hours of the night (when I often do some of my best thinking) that I could create a mini radiant floor heater in the bottom of the tub. With the four large (3'X8') solar water heating panels, I knew that there would be plenty of heating capacity to heat more than just the water in the hot tub, so I was also scheming to provide domestic hot water as well.
Once these elements were in place, along with the four panels mounted on the nearby roof, I was able to connect it all with appropriate plumbing. Another major aspect of the design is a rock-work surround for the tub that goes all the way to the ceiling on the back half. Rather high up in the back stone wall I created a place for water to issue forth and cascade down the face of the stones into the tub. I figured that I would need some sort of heat exchanger to transfer heat produced by the panels to the water in the tub.

If I tightly coiled some of the common PEX tubing in the basin, and fixed it in place by wiring it to some 2"X2" wire mesh, this whole arrangement could be embedded in a concrete pad that would serve to transfer the heat to the water above.
For this I had scavenged an old 40 gallon electric hot water tank from the local dump and stripped it of everything but the basic metal tank. I enjoy doing rockwork and had a lot of fun selecting beautiful stones for the project and mortaring them into place. My idea behind this little waterfall was more than aesthetic: it would also help humidify the house and distribute some of the heat from the tub water into the stones to help heat this portion of the house. Some of the elements have been in place for years, such as the large plastic stock watering tank that would serve as the tub. This rock wall was firmly anchored into place as it went up with heavy wire secured to supports on its sides.
I installed a small recirculating pump in the tub with a rheostat so that I could control the flow of the waterfall. Another advantage of doing this is that the extra height of this heater pad would bring the level of the bottom of the tank up to where the drain pipe was located, so it would be much easier to drain the water from the tub.

This time, I took some of the same half-inch PEX tubing and coiled it around the outside of the tank, forcing it to stay in this position by also wrapping the coiled tubing with some 2"X2" wire mesh. I carefully stuffed insulating foam between the actual tub and the rockwork to keep the heat from dissipating too readily from the tub.
Then I installed this horizontally in a wooden box lined with rigid insulation and plastic, so that I could pour concrete to surround the entire affair.
And there was an extra benefit that the room where the pre-heat tank for the domestic hot water was located could be heated by opening the lid to the box and removing the insulation pillow to allow the concrete and water to radiate heat into the room.thus providing free space heat! My idea was that the concrete would get hot from the PEX tubing, and then radiate this heat into the water in the tank. Hot water from this tank would then flow directly into the gas water heater so that it would seldom switch on.

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