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A warehouse or Quonset hut to put all these patterns and antique dolls andcostumes and vintage hats and belt buckles, toys, stuffed animals, vintagejewelry, 18 pattern file cabinets, 100,000 patterns, all my collectiblesall under one roof … Now that would be organization!
It's a good day at work when …The piles of patterns are lessened, when I receive a gorgeous antique dollin the mail and she is in perfect condition!!!

Here you will find listings for our over 15,000 sewing patterns and craft books, our antique to modern day dolls, a 1960's Barbie room with her own dollhouse and clothing, wool felt hats, costumes, jewelry and much, much more!All products purchased here will be carefully packaged and delivered as quickly as our Canadian postal system will allow.

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