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Highland Woodworking invites you to visit our tool store in Atlanta, Georgia for a first-hand look at the thousands of woodworking tools and supplies offered in our tool catalog (and many more).
Here at Begin Woodworking, we’ll cover many different aspects of wood working, all with a focus toward a handy person learning the art and craft of wood working. For those of us that aren’t overly creative, woodworking projects typically start with a set of plans.
While there are all kinds of woodworking projects that you can tackle, having a good set of plans usually helps to move things along faster.

In it’s most basic form, the only tools REQUIRED for woodworking are a saw and possibly a wood plane to smooth the wood. The beauty of woodworking is that you can start with just a small number of tools and add more (or not) depending on your interest, skill level and budget.
Woodworking can be done most anywhere… basement, garage, back yard, driveway, shed or full blown workshop. Any space will do, but tools and accessories tend to collect rapidly, so it’s best to have a space reserved for woodworking.

As you can see, we have an ambitious goal here at Begin Woodworking, but our focus will always be on helping you learn how to tackle the craft of woodworking, build your skills and enjoy your time building.
Here in Atlanta, GA we are lucky enough to have both stores plus a local specialty woodworking store called Highland Woodworking.

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