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03.06.2015 admin
I've recently changed my shop layout, and it's a hike from my new main bench location out in the open to the wall-mounted chisel racks I've used for years.
I'm not really interested in cabinets or wall mounted methods, I need some ideas for portable units, something that might hold a coupla dozen chisels safely and be carried around the shop from bench to bench. I use leather chisel rolls at the moment, which are great if you have to take them a good ways but overkill for walking 20'.
Jim's box idea is interesting, but I was envisioning the chisels stored butt-down with dividers for the iron ends, in some kind of long tray with a handle.

I've been thru the leather and felt rolls, I have wall mounted racks I made, and even several small boxes that hold special sets, but my main supply of users still hangs in wall racks and I just get tired of wandering back and forth, and I eventually seem to end up with a dozen different chisels and gouges, plus mallets, planes and other hand and power tools all loose on the bench and attempting mayhem with each other. Mine is nowhwere near as elegant as others but it does have a handle and holds chisels on both sides - so carries quite a few to wherever I want. This isn't strictly a chisel stand, but it keeps a number of tools that I use a lot close at hand. I've seen pics (but can't recall where) of long racks with carrying handles where the chisels are stored butt-down.

I can reach up there and remove individual chisels or I can take the whole rack down to the bench. The grid of dowels keeps the chisels separated and I haven't noticed any degradation to the edges.

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