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The Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop provides wood carving tools, wood carving books & roughouts. ToolMonger linked to a pretty cool tool for aiding in the sharpening of curved blades – the Oar Sharpener. Tool Reviews from Pro Tool ReviewsNew Ryobi Tools – Fall 2015Ryobi has announced several new tools that should all be in Home Depot stores in time for Christmas.

Claims of gas power have led us to wonder openly if we would see a revolution with the noise reducing tools. In the midst of the excitement, several well-known power tool brands brought out their own cordless, gas-free blowers with an […] Kenny Koehler2015 STAFDA Trade Show News and Event CoverageEvery year Pro Tool Reviews heads to the STAFDA trade show where literally hundreds of tool manufacturers show off their newest tools and technologies to dealers and the media. The redesigned cutter shape gives higher cutting efficiency and durability while the […] Raissa LogronoKlein Tools Adjustable Length Screwdriver ReviewKlein just made me smile at the weight I’ll be dropping from my tool backpack.

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