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As you likely saw in your Summer 2014 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine, wood veneer is a hot, hot trend this summer.
I ws already in love with wood veneer, but now after seeing all the wonderful finds by Meagan, I am infatuated!!!
I'm quite thrilled with this stuff to be honest so I'm offering it here and hoping it will catch-on as the ultimate replacement for all other veneer tapes.
Some users have provided feedback that they were able to mitigate tearing issues with stubborn or sensitive veneers by heating the tape with a clothes iron.
Its a good product but sometimes the tape is a bit too tacky and I've twice had struggles to remove it.
Blue painter's tape is a great example; it will hold a joint tight and remove easily but if you leave it on the veneer face during pressing, you'll find that it leaves a deep residue which can make staining and finishing a major headache.
Just remember to pull the tape off slowly and use a sharp angle (pull the tape off low to the surface). Out or save wood veneer tape plans, be sure to check in on my site to be sure the chalk board for my son used.

Incorporating wood veneer into your journaling is an awesome trick, as this beauty by Kelly Xenos proves.
Over the years, I've tried countless self-adhesive splicing tapes hoping to find one perfect for vacuum veneering. Before you start the main project, it is always a good idea to check out the tape on a scrap or test panel. When using this technique, it is important to avoid excessive pressure on the tape as this can cause the adhesive to migrate onto the veneer. Prepare the substrate with the proper veneer adhesive and lay the veneer onto the project panel.
Not long ago, one of our customers made a suggestion for me to try a tape that he had been using in a vacuum press and getting exceptional results. When I found a tape that I thought was just right, it turned out to be problematic because it contaminated the veneer face with adhesive after 1,700lbs of pressure was applied from my vacuum press. I was surprised by how well the joint is held tight during a pressing and even more surprised by how easy it was to remove compared to regular tape.

After pressing, simply remove the tape by pulling it off slowly at a 45 degree angle left or right of the joint line. Why not attach your bitty wood pieces to cork and create stamps, as talented Nicole Samuels illustrates here.
Place a small strip of Quick Stitch tape across the joint on the veneer face at 4 to 6 inch intervals.
If the tape is difficult to remove or pulls up splinters from the veneer, simply heat the tape with a hair dryer before proceeding. Though it is .002" thicker, you won't have any problems with a layer of tape causing surface defects on the project panel. I use a heat gun to remove it though and if any adhesive residue remains, I tack it off with some of the same tape.

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