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High-strength structural screws are beginning to displace traditional lag screws as the fastener of choice for structural applications.
Structural screws also feature Torx (six contact points) or Spider (eight contact points) drive heads in addition to traditional hex-head styles. These relatively new fastening solutions make quick work of just about any connection that relies on beefy screws. Structurally rated lag screws are available, but most home centers carry generic versions of varying quality.

Structural screws are so thin and sharp that you can skip any predrilling and get right to driving. The labor difference is so huge that by the time you finish drilling pilot holes and ratcheting in just a few lags, you could have finished the whole job with structural screws and be sipping a cold one. So I tested 5-in.-long screws from all three manufacturers (GRK, Spax and FastenMaster) to see if they really delivered.
Home centers carry the most commonly used structural screw styles and sizes, but usually only one brand.

You always can make the hole slightly larger.Another consideration is the type of wood and its moisture content.

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