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7 New Workshop Routers: Comparison Test and Buyer's GuideWoodworkings most versatile tool is even better with changeable bases. In the old days, every well-equipped shop had an assortment of wooden planes, each made to cut a different molding or joint.
If I were in the market for a new router, my pick would be the Bosch 1617EVSPK kit ($200-215 via Amazon).
Bosch came out with new routers a few years back, but the 1617 remains a strong favorite among woodworkers. For lower budgets, I would probably recommend the Porter Cable 690 ($129 via Amazon), which has a fixed base that works well with router tables. For router table: a Porter Cable 690LR + aftermarket router lift, like the Rockler or Jessem one. Used a ton of PC690s over the years, along with a lot of Milwaukee routers (I don’t remember all the models) and while those are both decent routers my makitas have been the workhorses.
Over the years I’ve used dozens of routers including dedicated high frequency AC powered tools (needed a dedicated commercial frequency changer) – specialized modified Porter Cable routers from Betterley – Bosch laminate trimmers including the 1608 series and the Colt – compact Dewalt (DWP611) plunge routers and big hogging routers like the PC 7539 and Bosch 1619.
A router is about as simple as a tool gets — a motor that spins a cutting bit — but it is indispensable in a power tool workshop.
Learn essential router techniques in the online woodworking class Handheld Router Techniques & Tips.
Routers excel at cutting grooves and offer a stable base, the ability to adjust the bit (depth of cut) up or down and the ability to install bits of different sizes and shapes. A router is great for cutting the tails of a dovetail joint, tongue-and-groove joints, mortises and tenons. The upside of a large router is that it is powerful enough to remove lots of material with accuracy and efficiency without bogging down.
I’m ready to cut parts for some Adirondack chairs using this pattern bit on my router table. The upside of a small router is that it is light enough to be easy to use, especially for detail work like chamfering an edge. Many routers, both large and small, now come with a plunge base either as an attachment or built in. Router lift presents a proper working surface to make the process of making wood work projects via routers easier and is a tool of great demand in woodworking shops.
For instant ring changes and perfect ring fit, Incra Mast-R-Lift-Ii Router Lift is made with an exclusive INCRA MagnalLOCK reducing ring system.

Users have commented that the router lift is well designed and can raise and lower in a smooth manner. Equipped with bronze pre-load nut, Bench Dog Tools 40-150 Prolift Router Adjustment System prevents back driving due to vibration, thus eliminating the constant adjustment that is often required in other lifts. Lift mounted to heavy gauge aluminum insert plate, Kreg Prs3000 Precision Router Table Lift featured micro adjust thumb wheel that eliminates the need for a crank handle. Users have found that the construction of the router lift solid as it is made with high grade aluminum and it is simple to operate. Despite the fact that all the three router lift shares the common main features, each of them has their own unique advantages as well as drawbacks, prospective customers should probably inspect closely the many features in details before deciding on the best router lift for their project. Enter the compact electric motor, and it wasn't long before those many tools were replaced by one: a high-speed milling machine called a router.
Most of the ones I’ve seen come with low-powered routers and cheap router tables with too-small surfaces and few features. A Festool router (or Lie-Nielsen plane, or SnapOn wrench) is not merely a vanilla bit of junk tarted up by badge engineering marketers. What I have in my home router table (built myself – using some parts from others) is a Bosch 1617EVS.
There are many more uses than I could possibly list here, so look around for articles in magazines and books about cutting joinery with routers. If you are just starting to assemble your tool collection, I recommend starting with a large router because it does so many things well. The device brought the required height adjustment and bit changing to ensure best results is achieved from the routing job. Adjustment can be made to fit a vast number of routers without any additional parts and most of them have favorable impressions on its excellent performance.
Rapid height adjustment is made easy via the spring-assisted lift wrench of the router lift. Just about every major brand now offers a router combination kit that comes with one motor and both plunge and fixed bases.What To Look ForA fixed-base router consists of little more than a motor, a base and a couple of handles.
You should be aware that this Porter Cable is a single-speed router, and as such it’s not suitable for use with larger bits.
Large routers are great for removing lots of material and lend themselves to use with a router table, turning a router into a shaper. For example, if you want to cut a mortise right in the center of a board, you can position the router at the beginning of the cut, plunge the bit the desired depth into the board, move it the desired distance, then raise the bit.

I know people who own 20 routers, each with a certain setting they don’t ever want to change. I wired an outlet to a switch so I can start the router without fumbling for the trigger and lock. Be sure to learn solid router tips and techniques for using one in different grain directions, because that is where they become tricky to use. Some have commented that it is too coarse to set the router any closer than approximately ? inch to the desired setting.
But more and more people want both--in part because the fixed-base model can take on stationary work when mounted upside down in a router table, while the other is available for handheld jobs. In this post I’ll describe the different types of routers and what you need to consider when buying them. With safety in mind, have fun exploring the endless possibilities a router can offer your woodworking.
Others observed that the spring loaded lift wrench is somewhat different from the rest and hence there may be some learning curve in operating the router lift. The others have a linear adjustment that's better for a router table because the controls don't rotate through the adjustment range. The featured exclusive ball bearing mechanism of the router lift is set to ensure super smooth action and low friction. This makes using a router table easier because adjustments are made from above.Spring-loaded plunge bases are more complicated.
But it would also be handy to have a small router for light work like rounding an edge on a cutting board. All models have a plunge-lock lever for locking the motor in the base.As for variable speed, you need it if you plan to use large bits in a router table. This can be a real problem with cheaper tools where the collet is machined in the motor shaft--it can't be replaced.Bit By BitYou buy a router to make decorative moldings and to cut joints.

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