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Recycling has become our tantra and we always hungry for more DIY recycling projects that can come in the aid of our environment. The projects we have featured below vary from simple drift wood sculptures and lamps to pallet beds, sofas and even pallet wood flooring.
Recycling wood crafts is a topic we love due to its ecological implements: less tree cutting, more fresh air to breath and fight against the smog of our cities. Using wooden pallets and drift wood is a creative method of realizing unique pieces of furniture and design that will add personality to your home. Recycling Old Wood helps you tell a story throughout the piece you create so we suggest keeping the wood in its natural raw form to preserve its qualities.

Reviving old wooden furniture is another great option instead of throwing it away and purchasing new item for your home. Add glow in the dark resin to a wooden piece and you’ve got yourself a strange, beautiful looking table.
Add simple light bulbs to strange twisted looking drift wood pieces and you will have a new interesting designer looking lamp. Hang a wooden pallet in our garden for the perfect swing in summer days and nights or hang your glass terrariums from a wooden piece, whichever project you choose, the ideas are creative and will add a little piece of you to your home.So enjoy our collection and allow yourself to be creative and recycle anything!

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