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This 8 piece Rasp and File Set is a very comprehensive set for woodworkers, carvers and sculptors alike.
If your woodworking includes using hand tools (and it should) this quality set will complete your rasp collection nicely.
The Set provides you with the complete range of finish progression from the coarsest to the finest and is suitable for beginners and professional alike.

These Narex rasps are made from 45 HRc hardened steel, so you can put them to the taxing work of shaping and rounding your hardest wood with confidence. The set contains the following: 10" Wood Rasp - Bastard (Cut 1) - 60 Teeth Per Inch 10" Cabinet Rasp - Second (Cut 2) - 100 Teeth Per Inch 10" Cabinet Rasp - Smooth (Cut 3) - 140 Teeth Per Inch 10" Patternmaker's Rasp - Ultra Smooth (Cut 5) - 210 Teeth Per Inch 10" Cabinet File - Bastard File Cut 10" Round Rasp - Second (Cut 2) - 100 Teeth Per Inch Double Sided File Card and Brush 7 Pocket Split Grain Suede Leather RollAppreciated by woodworkers all over the world for their accurate and controlled cuts.

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