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No matter what flooring type you choose, we recommend you consult your retailer to locate an experienced professional installer. In search of something in a medium color, I realized I do like some color contrast in the planks.  Certain wood species are more uniform in color, while others have more variation. Researching the different types of wood is a great way to learn their characteristics and what to expect in terms of hardness, color change over time, etc. Hand-scraped patterns for engineered floors are really in right now, most of what you find will be that.  Distressed and hand-scraped are more forgiving than smooth floors, as scratches will be much more noticeable.
Browse our helpful articles about flooring types, so you're better informed about your choices. The fence and rail system off of the big brother to this post on wood plank flooring patterns some social media outlet. Your game room needed a little updating and a new flooring and fresh coat of paint was just the thing. Learning how to play the piano has always been on your list of things to do, and today you're finally taking your first lesson!

Sunday mornings are so relaxing; you wake up late, stroll into your Oak wood plank porcelain tiled kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee.
Smaller planks (2-3″ wide) tend to be more traditional, and can be found in older homes. Posted in Interior Design and tagged building, building materials, Construction, Design, Floor, Home, home design, home renovation, Materials and Supplies, remodeling, Wood, wood floor on March 20, 2013 by nataliya. The pool table looks great on top of your Cherry wood plank porcelain and the reddish color of the tile perfectly accents the paint color. This light tan colored tile combines the beauty of natural cedar hardwood flooring with the strength of porcelain. As you're waiting for your coffee to brew, you watch the morning sunlight dance across your flooring, giving off brilliant shades of golden brown. Today you've chosen a local quaint tea cottage as your meeting place, and as you walk inside, you revel in the cozy atmosphere. As you watch them gather at the feeder from your kitchen, you notice the morning sunlight reflecting across you Prestige Birch wood plank porcelain flooring.

Today you've chosen a local quaint tea cottage as you're meeting place, and as you walk inside, you revel in the cozy atmosphere. Bring a little country chic to your modern dwelling with Redwood Natural Wood Plank Porcelain.
The Botanica Cashew wood plank porcelain glimmers in the setting sunlight as you sink into your cozy chair and soak in the atmosphere. You look down and notice her Botanica Teak wood plank porcelain flooring and note how it gives the room an air of warmness.
This porcelain tile mimics natural wood grain and coloring so well that it's almost impossible to tell that it's not actual hardwood.

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