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Because of the limited funds I mention earlier I started scrounging for parts at scrap metal dealers.
I built the spindle assemble in the early 1980's, it laid around the shop for years and followed me through several work related moves.
Turning a 10" or 12" bowl from a reasonable well balanced bowl blank goes well, however, when turning a large out-of-balance bowl blank the lathe vibrates, actually, more of a twisting action of the main post.

The lathe works even better that my expectations, it's bolted to the floor and is very solid.
After several months using the lathe and always looking for the wrench when I need to adjust the banjo ("now where is that wrench, must be somewhere under this two or three inches of wood shavings") I decided to upgrade the banjo. It may look strange for the handle to be on the backside but it works well this way, I grasp the handle with my right hand and the tool rest post with my left hand and move the banjo where needed.

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