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Whether for home repair and construction or for industrial uses, the consumer desires a durable drill bit that creates precise holes. This bit is manufactured with diffusion bonding technology that provides stronger carbide bond, making a longer-lasting drill bit. Pro Hole Saw Tooth HSS Steel Holesaw Drill Bit Cutter Tool for Metal Wood AlloyMore Than 4000+ Sold !

The diamond-ground carbide tip of the Bosch HCBG04T drill bit offers accurate starts in tile and stone, and it prevents skipping and scratching during the drilling as well.
This titanium-coated drill bit features a self-starting point on contact with presenting material and a balanced double flute designed to eliminate noise and vibration. This drill bit has a useable length of 4 inches and produces a wear mark that provides hole-diameter tolerance for anchoring applications.

Since there is a wealth of products on eBay, it may be useful to compare several items to ensure that you get the best deal on Bosch drill bits.

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