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We have almost all of the original 123 year old interior door hardware in our house and it is showing its age.
Currently we have wooden door rosettes & key hole escutcheons (with the exception of the bathroom door which must have been replaced in the 1920s or so with a glass knob and metal rosette).
We have a reoccurring problem with the hinges, the doors staying shut and the door rosettes breaking. At first I thought this was really unusual, but now that I am a lot more familiar with Victorian houses, I have found that at least around here it was fairly common to have wooden door knobs.
I have yet to see another house with wooden rosettes (I am guessing that most of them broke a long time ago).

We have done some piecemeal work, but we need to look at the doors as a group and make a decision on what we are going to do. Often called back plates, the type we have is typically referred to as rosettes because they are round.
If you are searching for replacements, it is good to do a search for door rosette, backplate and escutcheon.
On one of the doors upstairs the previous owner added screws into the corner of the hinges.
This is exacerbated by the screws holding the hinges in place failing causing the door to settle.  I am currently considering several options for the rosettes, both vintage and reproduction.

The hinges must stylistically match the rest of the hardware, the pins are removable and the screw placement needs to work with our door framing. I made the mistake of buying non-removable pins when I replaced the hinges on the front door and I REALLY regret this.

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