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If you missed the other posts on how I built this solid cedar countertop, you can see the actual building process here, followed by the sanding and cutting to size here.
I personally would go ahead and apply the polyurethane to protect the wood while you work on the shelves, and save the final coat until the project is all finished.
In renovating our old house on the East End, we sought out eco-friendly products and materials, like low-VOC finishes, spray-foam insulation with a high R-value, and locally milled wood for our floors. Later I purchased this wood piece at a local antiques store and I use it for extra storage since we have a limited number of cabinets.  I love both pieces in the kitchen since I feel like they must have been made around the same time period as our house and the bead board gives a cohesive look.
My butcher block countertops may be my favorite thing in my kitchen.  When we remodeled our kitchen last year, I told my husband that my ONE requirement was that I wanted butcher block countertops.
Lucky for me, my father-in-law had literally a pile of 100-year-old oak wood from an old chicken house.  He also had the power tools needed to build the countertops.
To clean the countertops, I typically use a mild dish soap with water and then dry with a cloth.  I also keep a spray bottle with white vinegar and water handy and use this combination often to disinfect the surface. Now that I have had the countertops for a year and realize how durable they are, I am not nearly as cautious as I was in the beginning, but I do try to keep the surface as dry as possible.
If you are researching countertops, I cannot recommend butcher block enough!  It is sturdy, easily maintained, natural, and even has anti-bacterial properties. Oooooo, I made maintaining the hardwood countertops sound more labor intensive than it actually is (above).

May I just say that that front piece of wood, the front-most plank in the middle, has absolutely gorgeous grain!
I am doing a very similar project and I was waiting to see how you attached the wood top to the wall and cabinets below. The fact that you knew to use wood conditioner before staining, and that you sanded the sharp wood edges shows that you are doing professional -quality carpentry! My Hubs brought home an old wooden ice box that I am refinishing, but I couldn’t figure out what color I wanted to do it.
I suppose that making a wooden countertop is even easier in case you have some wood-working skills.
We lusted after soapstone and considered Corian, but a chance encounter with a Craigslist ad brought us something unexpected: reclaimed wood from bowling lanes. The guy who placed the ad had enlisted several friends to help him pull out the old lanes when he heard the bowling alley was closing, then stored the massive hunks of wood in a semi-trailer on his property in Gardiner. Because the wood is nailed together in long horizontal strips, you are bound to cut through at least a few nails to get shorter lengths. I have been looking into doing wooden countertops myself and this was just the inspiration I needed. The easiest way is to take some wooden planks, measure them, cut, send and arrange in a countertop.

My dad, who has way more experience in this kind of stuff, made me seal the wood after staining (cuz I was also painting something over the stain) honestly I can’t tell you more about the sealer it was in an unlabeled can.
You can also make a small countertop to cover the space near the sink or just in the corner – save some space and use every inch!
Because the wood is old, it had split open in some places where the strips joined together. Then when I applied the coat of polyurethane on top, it first looked gorgeous while wet, but it dried sorta white and you could barely see the wood grain underneath.
It can make soft woods look more like hardwoods, because it makes the grain less contrast-y.
I would assume pine would not be because it is a soft wood but I was wondering about maple.
So on the advice of someone over at Atlantic Hardwoods, we used Bona brand Woodline Polyurethane, an oil-modified wood floor finish, in satin. Smooth, polished, tough as nails countertops that fit right in with what we call our modern-rustic kitchen style.

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