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Log Building Slicks, Chisels and Gouges Carving Tool Sets - Log Home Building Tools and Timber Framing Tools - Magard Ventures Ltd., Canada. These huge chisels are invaluable as finishing tools for mortise and tenon, planing of door and window sills and notches. Made in England by Henry Taylor, these chisels feature square sided blades, exceptionally long length, and socket fitted handles. Made by Henry Taylor, these feature shock absorbing leather tipped and socket fitted handles, bevel edged blades, and a shorter overall length than framing chisels.

Made in England, it features a socket fitted handle with steel ring and a sturdy blade with an incannel bevel.
These Swiss chrome vanadium steel chisels feature strong blades, ergonomic design, and hornbeam handles with heavy duty ferrules.
How to build balsa wood bridge, plywood bookcase construction,how to make a toddler loft bed. The handles are made of ash and are double steel hooped to withstand repeated mallet blows.

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