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Having owned Stanley and LN planes, I can tell you that the engineering, finish and ease of use are much better on the LN. CLIFTON of Sheffield is continuing the tradition of producing beautiful iron planes begun by EDWARD PRESTON & SONS in Birmingham.
The Clifton bench planes, like their Lie-Nielsen counterparts, are based on the classic Stanley Bedrock line of planes that were produced before the second World War. All new bench plane blades that are sold today, whether they be from Ron Hock, or with a new plane, will come ground straight across.
Clifton #4 Smoothing Plane Bedrock style smoothing plane with rosewood knob and tote and heavy hand forged 2" wide Clifton made blade. This is the ideal plane for Tenon shoulder trimming, Dado clean up, and refining an edge treatment. The Clifton #3 is an excellent size smoothing plane for small work, or for people with smaller hands. This morning I decided to look at all the shoulder planes in our shop, and compare them to the Stanley. Most of these planes have performed fairly well, but they all have problems when you try to do persnickety work.
So I decided to true up the soles of several shoulder planes today and see if it improved their performance.
I quite like the tool, but I like rhino-horn-style shoulder planes (the horn is the proboscis at its toe).
I hold my shoulder planes differently , I didn’t have a problem and found it comfortable. Shoulder planes are difficult tools to make (ask any toolmaker), so the fact that Stanley’s is so close is a good sign about what I might find as I set up the rest of the tools in the line.

I have the set of Veritas shoulder planes which really do the job & I particularly like the little set screws which work for me. When the new 92 arrived however, I bought one & really like the plane, again the ergonomics are great. 1) The main brass screw on the plane I bought does not have a screw slot as shown in the picture of the plane you have, this makes it almost impossible to undo with your fingers & I have had my machinist cut one in. I don’t understand why it so hard to manufacture a plane with a dead flat sole and if you do manage to make one, it is very expensive. Please note: The cutting angle is the sum of the angle of the bed of the plane iron and of the bevel angle, as all these planes have the bevel upwards. Clifton #5 Jack Plane Bedrock style jack plane with rosewood knob and tote and heavy hand forged 2" wide Clifton made blade. There is no better plane for trimming the shoulder of a tenon to perfection or for rebating work.
The Clifton Fore plane is one of the handiest bench planes, great for truing up warped and twisted boards and for jointing shorter lengths. I rested the shoulder plane on the plywood, hung its sole off the edge and stroked it back and forth over the sandpaper. The plane fettled quickly & works superbly however, the following are disappointments which again point to accountants influence. This plane is an extremly versatile tool, combining the features of shoulder rebate, chisel plane and adjustable mouth bull-nose plane.
Reconfigurable through removeable parts, this plane combines the features of a shoulder, bullnose, and chisel plane all into one. With the introduction of this plane we trust to have closed the large gap between the cheap planes and the premium planes.

These slender pocket-size planes allow fine, controlled cuts in areas you could ordinarily trim only with a chisel. Clifton 400 Bullnose Plane Made for the most delicate work, the original of this plane is one of the hardest to find Preston planes.
Because the blade sits flush with the side of the plane body, corner cuts are clean and accurate. Robert Lang didn’t like the way the tool fit his hand when he pulled the plane toward him , the horn dug right into his palm. Designed to seat nicely in the hand, the smallest Veritas shoulder plane is easily controlled using a one-handed grip. The control over the adjustment of the blade for this type of planes has been substantially improved. Designed for maximum versatility, it performs as either a bullnose or a chisel plane as required.
Its size and mass make it perfect for trimming breadboard tenons, adjusting shoulders, or even paring down tenon cheeks. Also known as a moving fillister, this rabbeting plane cuts quickly and quietly, avoiding the set-up, noise and dust associated with power tools. The Clifton line of shoulder planes are the direct descendants of the legendary Preston planes of old.

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