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A narrow tilt out shoe storage unit that looks like a console table, acts like an entire shoe closet! It was indeed odd, seeing our Alaska entryway free of shoes and outfitted with a green dresser. The bench will hold 4 to 6 pairs of shoes per shelf depending upon your kiddo to adult ratio of shoes. When Ana White posted the plans for a shoe dresser on her site awhile back, I knew this was a perfect solution for us. And because I can never make things easy, I decided to make a few modifications to Ana’s plan.

Make sure you drill the holes for your dowels as far down and forward as you can, while still catching the corner of the drawer. The last thing I did was to add drawer pulls and magnetic clasps to hold the drawers in place when closed. Oh, the woes of shoe storage often leave many of us girls (and some of you foot fashion-forward boys out there) pining for Carrie Bradshaw’s closet in Sex in the City.
I was just looking at a similar (but not nearly as cute) shoe 'dresser' on IKEA's site today. Crate shoe racks: rustic and showroom ready, these vintage crates are character filled and will accommodate your tallest heels and boots to boot!

Cottage bench shoe rack: I love a double-duty DIY project that I can sit on and store shoes in, perfect for a mudroom or at the foot of the bed.

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