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For Sale: ---- Cheaper than Bunnings ---- 9mm waterproof glueline veneer grade A1 plywood, 2400mm x 1220mm sheets, 5 layers. FEATURES Strong WBP A bond glue BS1088 standard stamped on every sheet, high quality faces with pre-sanded face means no additional finishing required. What the standard does strongly encourage is third party certification that the plywood actually does comply to the Standard. You obviously have purchased your plywood so I am not trying to give my company a plug so you buy from us. I just think its wise to try and get as much assurance as you can no matter whether its plywood or any other material. The standard of the material you received is probably all down to the quality control of the supplier Bunnings use.
Boatmik25th Aug 2010, 12:19 PMYou obviously have purchased your plywood so I am not trying to give my company a plug so you buy from us.

While any timber can be used to produce a marine grade plywood that doesn't mean that it is an ideal timber for a given purpose, weight and strength being the two main issues that spring to mind. I have the plans for a Kohler Eco 7.5 cat that I was going to build but now won't due to the poor quality of Gaboon that is generally available and while Andrew's Gaboon is of excellent quality I find that it is out of my price range given the number of sheets that I would require.
Arron6th Oct 2010, 11:47 AMI think I'd better set the record straight by pointing out that I went back to Bunnings to buy some 12mm marine ply to finish the boat.
I've started on another stitch-and-glue boat and because this one is definitely being built to a price I gave Bunnings a try for marine ply. I'm OK about using this plywood for making a canoe or rowboat (as I am), but I'd want more information and hence more confidence in the product if I was building a performance boat or something to go offshore. As has also been previously stated, any marine plywood can be built to BS 1088 or any other standard for that matter, the point that needs to be kept in mind is that the plywood is actually made to that standard and is certified as complying with that standard. You would have to have great faith in the honesty of Asian plywood manufacturers to think otherwise.

It resulted in comments that appeared to attempt to discredit the Australian manufactured marine plywood product and the stringent quality standards that are in place. I thought those negative comments were not only totally inappropriate but also a little laughable considerng the range of Australian marine plywood manufacturing quality standards are amongst the very best in the world. Incidently, I asked for colour matched sheets thinking theyd probably ignore the request but either they didnt or I was lucky because they are all perfect match in hue and intensity.

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