Scout Wood Carving Projects,Loft Bed Building Plans,Wooden Toy Car And Truck Plans - Tips For You

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Only very experienced wood carvers can work without drawing a pattern on the wood before they start. Rubber Shelf Liner - To keep your project from moving on your workbench or table use a piece of it underneath your project.
Softener - A 50-50 mixture of alcohol and water in a spray bottle can be used to soften wood.

Clear Finish - Finishes bring out the grain of the wood or protect the paint from chipping.
One common beginner mistake is to not carve enough and leaving the project looking too much like the original block of wood.
I've only been carving seriously since late 2005, so as I learn more I'll update these pages.

In general, these projects require at least three hours and more tools to complete than the easy projects above.

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