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17.11.2013 admin
These are the blocks of the new stabilized Redwood Burl that I have added to the web store. I am in the process of adding a bunch of the new batch of the Best Redwood Burl that came back today from being stabilized at K&G. If you are a member of the knife forums you can have a small discount (10%) off your purchase by entering the letters forum in the field that asks if you have a promotional code during checkout. Then I move to torn strips from the center of a used 320 belt, then move up to 400 for satin, and 600 for semi gloss.

After that I finish with a couple of hand buffed coats of finishing wax, which the Redwood seems to absolutely love.
It's almost like rivers of shimmering liquid redwood flowing between the burls, like you expect it to pour off the knife. Do you have guys that just buy burl as collectors.i am thinking it's cheaper than knives and just as pretty. I definitely don't mind sharing my finishing technique, it seems to work pretty well for me.

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