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Reusing antique lumber aides in the ongoing Green Building and LEED™ certified construction of new buildings and also helps provide those buildings with a rustic elegance or classic wood beauty without the need for faux distressing work of the wood. Much of our reclaimed lumber goes to create both solid and engineered reclaimed flooring and parquet flooring, but we have a large inventory of reclaimed lumber in many different wood species that we are able to sell as raw reclaimed lumber.
We have a large inventory of antique wood species to choose from - reclaimed hand hewn beams, reclaimed slabs, reclaimed lumber, and reclaimed barn siding that we can sell in large quantities. With our expert wood workers, craftsmen and machinery, we can turn our reclaimed lumber, beams, and siding into almost anything you need for your project. If we do not feature the above Reclaimed Lumber on our site, please contact us and we can let you know what we have in stock.
E & K Vintage Wood sources reclaimed wood from old structures (barns, distilleries, cotton gins, historic structures) locally and throughout the US and abroad that were erected in the mid 18th century through the early 1900's. Rockler has recently added a new domestic wood product to their catalog – reclaimed oak lumber.
I cannot shake the feeling that a project crafted from reclaimed lumber bought at a retail store will have lost part of its essence.
Actually, Rockler recommends going over the wood with a metal detector, as there could be nails or metal bits embedded in the wood.

One thing I might add, truck deck floor, is about the highest quality, most knot-free wood you will find short of cabinet grade wood. I am not a hippie at all, but I wish people stop having a fancy for real wood and start “loving” the idea that trees should stop being used for furniture and something to admire just based on it’s “grain”. MDF, and the like particle woods, are the ugly ducklins in the wood world…but only wood grain has the appeal…uhhhh! It’s a good thing this is being reclaimed for those “wood grain addicts” cus they are being catered. For nearly 10 years Altruwood has been providing recycled, reclaimed wood and lumber to customers throughout the country and abroad.
Reclaimed wood and salvaged lumber are often valued for their “imperfections” and patina which can range to varying degrees. We also offer FSC® Certified reclaimed lumber to help you achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits. Sometimes the possibilities seem endless when it comes to reclaimed wood, but we’ll work closely with you to help achieve the finished product and look you desire.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, or you are unsure what it is that you want please don’t hesitate to call us at 877-372-9663. Part of the appeal of reclaimed lumber projects is how many woodworkers and crafters will source the wood themselves.

While a lot of woodworkers will head to the lumberyard to hand-pick boards for their projects, there are guys like me that are just as happy ordering lumber from the internet. Our reclaimed wood is of the highest quality recycled lumber salvaged from old commercial buildings, barns, factories, and warehouses throughout the US. It’s not just about the beauty of the final project, but about the unique transformation of the wood they use. We salvage and recycle beautiful hand hewn beams and mantles, Douglas fir beams and timbers and recycled wood flooring such as Douglas Fir, antique red and white oak, black walnut, antique chestnut, and American elm to name a few. Reclaimed lumber and recycled wood are valued for their superior characteristics and properties.  In most instances our reclaimed wood originally came from old-growth timber stands that are larger and older than anything being harvested today, making it stronger and more able to stand up to the tests of time. Reclaimed wood has the added benefit of being sustainable and environmentally sound because we are reusing material and not felling new trees. Our beams and mantels are available in their original state or can be re-sawn and altered to your desired look.  Our reclaimed wood flooring comes available in a number of different species, options and appearances from a rustic original patina to a more surfaced clean look.

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