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On the jobsite or in the shop, keeping your router and all of its accessories organized is key. Next, measure between the rabbets in the bottom of the drawer assembly, and cut the hardboard bottom to fit.
We don’t necessarily think of the rabbet as a flat edge-to-edge joint, yet we all know of the shiplap joint. This is a good rack-resistant joint that assembles easily because both boards are positively located. Although not as strong as a dovetailed joint, a well-made lock-rabbet joint will hold up fine unless the drawer takes heavy, regular pounding. It is usually sized to accept another board that fits into it, and it is a simple way to join the corners of cabinets, or to hide a cabinet’s back. Actually,learning the basics of cutting rabbets and grooves, where they're appropriate, and how to reinforce them is the first step, creating your own pieces of furniture is the next one! The joint’s benefits are its clean appearance, its improved stress resistance over a plain miter and its ease of assembly. Because end grain glues poorly, rabbet joints that involve it usually are fastened, either with brads or finish nails or with screws concealed under plugs. A rabbet joinery variation very useful in casework — especially casework being built of sheet goods —is the rabbet-and-dado joint.
A shiplap joint is formed by overlapping rabbets cut into opposite faces of adjoining boards. The joint allows individual boards to expand and contract seasonally without opening gaps between it and its neighbors.

The mitered rabbet joint is one of those you see in drawings but seldom see in real projects. There’s more to the operation than merely selecting the rabbet bit with the correct cutting width, chucking it in your router, setting the depth of cut, and routing. A rabbet is cut along an end or edge of a board or panel for another piece of wood to fit into. The rabbet cut may be as deep as the width of the mating piece and up to one-half the piece's depth. On a table saw, cut the rabbet's width (shoulder cut) with the piece flat on the table and against the rip fence.
Although routers aren't particularly large tools, they demand an awful lot of space relative to their size. But almost all end-lap variations incorporate a rabbet cut in at least one of the mating parts.
Easy to cut, it helps locate parts during assembly, and it provides more of a mechanical connection than does a butt joint. By the way, a dado set is also the quickest way to make grooves and rabbets, too, though a router also works really well for all of these cuts.
The joint mates face grain to face grain, an excellent gluing situation (even if the grains cross in the assembly), thus yielding a very strong frame joint.
A rabbet is simply an open-sided channel or recess along the edge or across the end of a board or panel.
Each side needs a dado for the di-vider to nest in, a rabbet to accept the bottom, and a groove to mount the back in.

Long-grain joins long-grain in these structures; that glues well, and you have a terrific, strong joint. The rabbets are quickly cut, absolute precision is irrelevant; yet they serve a valid purpose. To make a half-lap joint, for example, we cut rabbets across the ends of the mating parts and nest them together. It’s awfully easy to gouge the cut or round the end of the shoulder when using the router handheld. After cutting the joinery, you're ready to work on one of those inter-esting details I mentioned earlier. With the basic case constructed, you can begin defining the compartments that make this router job box so versatile. Learn the basics of cutting rabbets and grooves, where they're appropriate, and how to reinforce them. Sometimes woodworkers use a stopped dado (or rabbet or groove) so it doesn't show at the front of the cabinet sides. Another great way to cut dadoes is with a router, using a simple T-square jig you can make yourself. Although you can build drawer joints using any number of methods, we think lock-rabbet joints like the ones below make sense for attaching the sides, fronts, and backs of most drawers.

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