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Well, used Oneway a couple of times, used my buddy’s Powermatic 3220b, which was much smother operation and the moving headstock is a great feature. Over 900 pounds, the 4224B is the biggest, heaviest, and most capable lathe Powermatic has ever built.
We have found that this is particularly common with guide rails that are provided on the Powermatic table saw.

My first look at the newest cabinet saw from Powermatic was last year when the company was still working out some final details. Powermatic improved the blade-changing process as well, by adding an arbor lock that allows one-wrench blade changes, doing away with the stick that we all end up jamming against the blade to make the change. At the time, the most difficult concept to grasp was how the PM2000 would fit into the product line alongside the Powermatic Model 66 cabinet saw that has become an industry standard.

Powermatic representatives agree and both of these items are under consideration for an upgrade.

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