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Aerosol cans of shellac, lacquer and polyurethane allow you to quickly apply a finish on small or complex projects that's free of brush marks. Getting a smooth, blemish-free finish with oil-based polyurethane is within your grasp if you follow the steps in this article.
One key to a good finish is a smooth surface, because your finish will only be as smooth as your wood Sand your project with progressively finer grits of sandpaper. To seal the wood before top coating, thin your oil-based polyurethane to one part mineral spirits and two parts polyurethane (first, gently stir the contents in the can). Within 24 hours of applying your seal coat, brush on a coat of finish right from the can.

After you've applied a couple coats of the clear stain on top of the red stain, use some polyurethane spray to add a nice gloss coat and seal the wood.
Here's a pic taken after a couple coats of the Minwax Wood-Sheen - you can see how it's starting to really bring out the grain! A friend of mine, known for nice work but rough finishes, does his finish work in his dusty shop.
Exploded-tip synthetic brushes (each strand is divided into multiple strands at the tip) may introduce air bubbles into the finish. If you choose a waterborne product, the process for achieving a smooth finish is basically the same.

If the finish is still a bit cloudy, apply more automotive polishing compound using the same method. Create a finishing room, or at least thoroughly clean your shop or garage of sawdust before you start.

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